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You just look at him!

In December last year, the city welcomed a new Vice-Gubernator, who was previously the CEO of LSR, and after decided to do in our land transport business.

Вы только посмотрите на него!

At what point man of the developers have stepped on this path is unclear, but earlier he held the post of transport Minister in the Russian government and seems to be resigned, but the planet turned the other way. The inefficient Manager he kept his eyes fixed on the cold Peter, here in order to deal with children’s complex, creating a kind of activity.

Вы только посмотрите на него!
By the way, is the fault of Maxim Sokolov in St. Petersburg there was a sharp jump of the prices for journey in public transport, as well as reducing the large number of private routes, because he felt like it.

In 2017, he’s wonderful images of escaped tough punishment for the disgusting organization of the program of reconstruction of airports in the far East. It turned out that part of the allocated money has not been disbursed Sokolov: in 2013 airport infrastructure development was allocated 106,1 billion, but 64 of them disappeared from the radar. Well this is just an incredible amount!

In 2019 he was punished for poor organization of the competition for the reconstruction of the air port in Blagoveshchensk.
the competition was announced three times, but it never took place due to the lack of applicants. The reasons for the lack of applications referred to the high requirements for companies and the low financial attractiveness of the project…
The real reason I think you already know everything.

And despite very bad experiences with transport, he still insists to go there, where his name is. For example, from 2012 to 2018, he headed the Russian transport Ministry and could not deal with the problem of internal flights, although her decision stood out big money. Cant imagine this he has forgiven, and in June I headed the Board of Directors of JSC “Western high-speed diameter”, so here’s all the muck, as if we have problems without it a little.

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