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Yevgeny Tsyganov came to the party with girlfriend Yulia Snigir, but avoided the cameras

27 Mar actress Anna Saliva, the star of the movie “Night watch” and the series “Short course happy life”, gathered in one of the restaurants in Moscow friends and colleagues to celebrate a birthday. The artist was 37 years old.

Congratulate her came the Director Valeria Gai Germanicus, actress Irina Gorbacheva, Julia Snigir and Evgeny Tsyganov, Anna Tsukanova-Cott, Vera Panfilova, Agniya Kuznetsova, and many others.

“To say that it was tasty, soulful and fun — to say nothing. Anna, thank you for a great holiday!” — posted by Anna Tsukanova-Cott in Instagram (Spelling and punctuation more. — Approx. ed.). Judging from the photos and video shared by guests of the festival, the party was a success.

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Publication of Anna Tsukanova-Cott (@anna_tsukanova_kott) 27 Mar 2017 11:36 PDT

Despite the fact that the novel Yevgeny Tsyganov and Yulia Snigir already for anybody not a secret, the couple prefers not to put their relationship on display. At the party, Julia gladly took pictures with the birthday girl and her friends, but Eugene tried to stay in the shadows.

We will remind, for the sake of Yulia Snigir Yevgeny Tsyganov left the family, leaving the civil wife Irina Leonov and seven children. New girlfriend also gave birth to the actor of the child — the son of Fyodor. In November last year reported that Eugene and Julia are going to get married.

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