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Ukraine could have avoided conflict – Trump

Ukraine could have avoided hundreds of thousands of deaths and lost less land if it had reached a peace deal with Russia before the conflict began last February, former US President Donald Trump told NBC News in an interview aired on Sunday. The loss of Ukrainian territory to Russia is …

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Putin reveals how Ukraine bloodshed could’ve been avoided

Moscow had asked Kiev to withdraw troops from Donbass republics to avoid bloodshed, but Ukraine refused, Russian President Vladimir Putin revealed for the first time on Wednesday.  “I want to say this for the first time: at the very beginning of the operation in Donbass, to avoid bloodshed, we asked …

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USSR could have avoided collapse – party leader

Speaking to RIA Novosti on Wednesday, Sergey Baburin, the leader of the nationalist Russian All-People’s Union party said that the union “is a historical form of Russian civilization in the 20th century.” According to him, the Belovezha Accords, signed three decades ago on December 8 between the leaders of the …

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The Chinese have avoided two deaths. Video

The young man, fortunately, was not injured. Outdoor CCTV camera filmed the moment when a guy could occur from two accidents in just a few seconds, but he was very lucky. The video, made in Huludao city, China, you can see how the guy standing on the sidewalk near the …

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The doctors told me what Breakfast is best avoided

The wrong Breakfast can cause drowsiness and even cause stomach problems. About the dishes that are not exactly fit for the start of the day, told specialist in nutrition Maria Andreeva.1. Orange juice and sausage sandwiches Drinking orange juice in the morning can lead, firstly, to the emergence of allergies, …

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