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Yandex will create its own system of smart home

The Yandex company is very interested in smart home devices, as seen in the example smart speakers Yandex.Station, recently went on sale. Now, the Russian Internet giant intends to go further and to create a hub for smart homes that will connect all the new smart gadgets from him.

According to preliminary reports, the upcoming device is called Yandex.Module, and that, according to available descriptions, a kind of mini-computer. Yandex.The module allowed for import in the countries of the Eurasian economic Union, and it will be manufactured in the United States, although it is perhaps a mistake. It is difficult to say how it will look in the finished device, and that it will be able to, but it is now clear that if Yandex.The module will be the hub, then it will be, basically, useless. It will need to connect other smart devices – the same speakers, cameras, thermostats, home appliances and so on.
If a Yandex.The module will be implemented by its private synchronization algorithm, the device other brands in contact with it can not, it will have to build the whole system for smart home gadgets from Yandex is not currently available. In the end, at the moment, the smart home kit Xiaomi Mi Home looks much more interesting from the point of view of price and features. Yandex.Module should be out this fall.

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