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Wonder woman can be the Bride of Frankenstein

… and he might not, because things are Dark monsters of the universe from Universal are not so good. After a bad start with the “Mummy” gear that the Hollywood machine began to rotate slower and with a rather loud creak. Napoleon’s plans have hastily reshape, and that his work on “Bride of Frankenstein” slowed down.

Recall, the Bride was supposed to be the next film of the Universe of monsters. The release of the film was scheduled for February 14, 2019, but it now seems that this date can be forgotten:

After much discussion, Universal Pictures and Director bill Condon decided to postpone the development of “Bride of Frankenstein”. None of us want to hurry up with the announcement of the release date, because for this particular movie required more time. Bill is a Director whose talent is not in doubt, and we all would like to continue working with him.

Sadly, though not particularly surprising. But let’s for a moment imagine that all will eventually be OK. The universe of classic monsters Universal will acquire meat and after the first pancake will start to give out hit after hit. Why not, actually? In this case, and to “Bride of Frankenstein” thing will definitely happen.

The role of the monster was recruited by the fine actor Javier Bardem (“mother!” “The old men”), who even managed to take part in a photo shoot for the star caste of the coming gathering of monsters. But his on-screen bride was supposed to play Angelina Jolie. Official confirmation of this information did not appear, but the candidacy of the former Lara Croft in the fan community was met with enthusiasm. Now, on the horizon loomed another.

Insiders edition with thewrap say that the second choice after Angelina is an Israeli actress and model Gal gadot. If for one reason or another with Jolie agreement fails, the star kinokomiksa “Wonder woman” may become a new Bride of Frankenstein. Interest in her and the Studio and Director bill Condon. A curious variant? Gadot and Bardem – it might be interesting.

What happens in the end (and if it will work at all), only time will tell. Let’s wait for official information.

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