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Women horrified the world with their cruelty. Photo

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. ФотоTheir cruelty knew no bounds.

When it comes to serial killers, we normally think of male characters and few can name at least a few famous women murderers. Some of them were killed for the sake of love, some for money, but most differed unprecedented cruelty, and even insanity. It is curious that some of them were subsequently released from punishment.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Elizabeth Bathory

Ever hear the phrase “bathe in the blood of virgins”? The appearance of this phrase we are obliged to the Countess Elizabeth Bathory. It is assumed that she killed about 650 people with servants living nearby and other young women. It has been built for her husband, a special torture chamber.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Belle Gunness

Belle immigrated from Norway to the US where he killed her husband for the insurance payment. She then began to invite guests to his farm of lonely wealthy men. After a fire in 1908, the farm was discovered more than forty carelessly hidden graves.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Dagmar Overby

Overby contained an orphanage in the early 1920-ies. For a small one-time fee, she took the babies from desperate mothers, promising that they would find a foster family. In fact, she killed babies and burned body in an oven. She confessed to killing 60 to 80 babies, however, according to some estimates, their number reaches 180.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Amelia Dyer

In Victorian England practiced the so-called baby-farming, when the shelter for a small fee took unwanted children and found them foster families. Such activities were engaged and Amelia Dyer. However, she didn’t care to search for babies new families, and simply killed them. During interrogation, she told police: “My you can tell by the ribbon around the neck.” Hanged in 1869.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Ilse Koch

ILSA joined the Nazi party in 1932 and earned the nickname “the bitch of Buchenwald” concentration camp, where her husband Karl Otto Koch worked as a commandant. Ilse liked the items made from the skin of prisoners, it is particularly preferred lampshades from tattooed skin. Committed suicide in prison in 1967.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Dolphin and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez

These sisters in the 1950-1960-ies was engaged in kidnapping girls who are then forced to work in a brothel in Central Mexico. When girls fell ill or became unattractive due to forced drug use, they were killed. The sisters have also killed some rich clients and babies. The Dolphin died while serving time, and Mary after serving several years, was released and disappeared in an unknown direction.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Jane Toppan

Toppan worked as a nurse in New England. She did the patients morphine injections up until they were dead. During the investigation she stated that her goal was “to kill more people – helpless people – than any other who ever lived man or woman” after committing more than a hundred murders.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

The Ottilie “Tillie” Klimek

A resident of Chicago Ottilie Klimek was engaged in predstatelstvom and had a tendency to report their husbands or neighbors that they are destined soon to die, and then killed them. Her first husband died of “heart problems” in 1914, and only after the death of the third husband and several neighbors to 1921, the police began to suspect that something’s not right here.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Juan Barras

Before becoming a killer, Juana Barraza wrestled under the name “the Silent lady”. When his wrestling career is no longer bringing the desired profit, Juan began to pretend to be a nurse, engaging older people and robbing them. Once the victim of a robbery laughed Hanoi, and since then began a bloody rampage. She was accused of 30 murders, but it is possible that in fact the casualties were 48.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Jeanine Ann Jones

Jones worked as a children’s nurse in Texas and we took the habit to give children injections of various drugs to show off how smart she saves them. She was charged in the death of two babies, but her conscience can be up to 60. She was sentenced to 99 years in 1985, but in 2018 it may be released in connection with the overflow of Texas prisons.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Leonard Cianciulli

In the 1930-1940-ies Cianciulli Leonard killed three women and make soap out of their remains and muffins for tea from their blood. She believed that human sacrifice to protect her children. Being arrested, she expressed regret and even sent the investigation, specifying the details.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Gertrude Banishevski

In 1965 Banishevski instigated their own and neighborhood children to prolonged abuse and subsequent murder of a 16-year-old girl Sylvia Likens left her in the care. Was sentenced to life imprisonment, however, the petitions have achieved the liberation in 1985. Said that God had forgiven her, and that she managed to find peace in the soul. Died of cancer five years later.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Aileen Wuornos

Aileen worked as a prostitute in Florida in the late 1980-ies. She robbed their clients, shot them and took their car. In total committed seven murders, becoming the first woman passing in the reports of the FBI as a serial killer. Was executed by injection in 2002. Just a year after the execution in rolling out the film “Monster”, based on the history of Wuornos.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Helen Jegado

Helen Jegado served as a maid in the first half of the 19th century. She poisoned with arsenic a lot of people, including family members, friends, and members of those families, where she worked. Some argue that it started to poison those around the age of eight. It is unknown how many sacrifices on her account, but it is suspected that about 60. The prosecution, however, she was able to present only three cases, but that was enough to execute her.

Женщины, ужаснувшие мир своей жестокостью. Фото

Mary Pearcy

Some believe that Mary Pearcy was Dekom Ripper. Although we will never know that for sure, but we do know that Mary Pearcy killed miss Hogg and Phoebe Hogg, the daughter and the wife of his lover. When it was the police, her clothes and the whole kitchen was still bloody. The wounds from which he died, Mrs. Hogg, resemble the specifics of the wounds inflicted by Jack the Ripper.

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