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Winter on the nose: Five life hacks for drivers

Зима на носу: Пять лайфхаков для водителейThe problem with the freezing car? Find out five secrets that will help you to avoid such hassles.

We all know that in the winter before the trip the car warm up, but few people remember about the need to cool the machine before Parking. If within two or three minutes to ventilate the cabin, you can avoid fogging of the windshield. However, the wiper in a parked car it is better to raise, that they are not frozen.

Experts also recommend to put the car front to the East, to the morning sun melted the ice. Heavy snowfall is not necessary to leave the car near the roadway, because your car can fill up the transport public services.

The blowers can barricade the car and left at the houses, in this regard, drivers are advised to buy not only brush, but also a compact shovel.

If the wheel is mired in the snow, to speed up the check out process will allow the car Mat. It should be thrown under the stuck wheel embossed side down. In addition, you should carry a supply of antifreeze and a means for charging the battery.

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