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Which of Antonio Banderas writer? Look at the dubbed trailer for “Black butterfly”

Whether you like thrillers about authors as their favorite we? This is when another author, armed with alcohol and depression, leaving in a cute secluded cabin, and then with him there is something very bad. All in fucking houses away from civilization is always something happening, and the hero does not have to make a living writing. But the writers somehow look interesting, here they are according to the will of kinodela over and over again and take part in adventures.

One such writer tells new film of Brian Goodman’s “Black butterfly” (Black Butterfly). This is a remake of the French “Night butterfly” (Papillon noir) 2008. We about it already wrote, but not a sin to remind that the main role went to Antonio Banderas. Before all finally goes wrong, the writer in his performance is destined to meet his “Cockney Shooter”. The main villain played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers (“the Tudors”).


Paul is a writer, living in a lonely house in the suburbs. Recently, his business is going badly: the customer rejected his last book, and he tries to forget about the failures with alcohol. However the hermit’s life changes dramatically when he meets a stranger that helps him avoid a brawl at a roadside cafe. Upon learning that the stranger was traveling light, Paul offers to stay with him for the night. The stranger suddenly shows interest to the writer and offers a new story for his book. But who is he, and what does a mysterious tattoo of a black butterfly on his body.

We dug up official trailer, which is somewhat different from what has already flashed the news. In particular, foreign seems to be harder and more interesting, therefore, to complete the picture published here and its. With all the experiences difficult. If after the first look at “Black butterfly” seemed like it would be a very strong Thriller, the second roller slightly diminished expectations. However, the film will be released in Russian cinemas a month later, on 8 June. And to this day it is possible to decide you want to look at the misadventures of the writer Banderas or not.

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