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Where to go with kids for New year in Kiev

Куда пойти с детьми на Новый год в КиевеFun for all ages.

New year’s weekend, it is imperative to plan well. If you don’t want to lie down at home and eat off a salad, go with the children on various interesting activities. Of course you can just go to a cafe or watch a cartoon, but we offer several other options as have fun with kids on New year.

Quest for toddlers “little Charmers. In search of the diary spells” - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

In the small town of Carmel have a lot of magic. After all, every resident of the town a real magician and endowed with a certain gift. But the magic skills are not given just like that, magic takes a long time and diligently study. Little hazel with her friends also recently began to study the art of magic and sorcery. Girls the whole year were very diligent pupils, and here they have their first exam. But there was trouble! Hazel discovered the loss of the diary with all the spells. Exam girls in jeopardy! if they don’t pass they will deduct from the school of magic and wizardry. Let your child dive into the world of wizardry, to learn how to decipher the message of magic, help hazel to find the diary and pass the exam.

In the program the quest for toddlers “little Charmers. In search of the diary spells” includes:

Show program quest, which takes place at the entertainment center “Surprise”
Logic tasks and competitions in the style of little Charmers, logic, broadens the mind and is based on team building.

The play “the Little Prince”

Children will be delighted with this operation. But for the best effect give to the child and the book “the Little Prince”. But hurry, because the performance will be held on 8 December.

Excursion to the factory of Christmas toys

What kid and adult does not dream to get to the factory of Christmas toys? Now you have the chance. Excursion to the factory Christmas toys allows you to make a holiday with your own hands and fill your life with little joys. Give children the tale – in the new year week be sure to visit the factory of Christmas toys! Total in Ukraine there are four factories that make Christmas decorations. One of the most famous factory of Christmas toys in Kyiv. The factory is more than 60 years, and all the decorations for the Christmas tree are made by hand here.

Winter country on BDHR

This is the main Funpark Ukraine, where more than 20 holiday locations will create a fabulous mood for the whole family. From 9 December to 14 January, the miles of shining garlands, hundreds of animators and celebratory fur-tree will turn BDHR in real residence of Santa Claus!

Guests will be greeted with:

The Residence Of Santa Claus
Driving roller coaster
Castle ice sculptures

Super quest for kids “Star wars. Young jedis and a Plan of Destruction”

Together with their favorite characters, the quest participants will look lowesty plan to destroy all planets! It will be interesting and fun.

The musical “the snow Queen”

Many of us have read and remember the fairy tale “the snow Queen”. This unforgettable show will appeal to you and your child.
Christmas fantasy in the circus

Circus invites children and their parents on a wonderful performance. It will be a memorable Christmas story, animals, clowns, acrobats and much more.

The wizard of Oz

National entertainment Corporation is a new music show performance for the whole family “the Wizard of OZ”, based on the tale by the American writer Lyman Frank Baum “the wonderful Wizard of Oz”.
Space Christmas children’s program at Kyiv Planetarium

Fabulous space and the characters will take you to a magical world of fantasy, magic and joy. There will be a unique space tree.

Christmas musical “Peter pan”

Amazing performances and surprises, illusions and surprises! Leapfrog witty jokes, magic dances and modern music. All of this new production of the musical theatre of young actor “FantaziaNew” for children and adults.

Timeless tale of Peter pan is the rare material in which children can exist on the stage organically and naturally.

Holiday in Sofiivska and Mykhailivska squares

What is Christmas without the perfect tree? Be sure to visit the Main tree of the country. Also there will be a fair, hot drinks and Goodies, concert, entertainment and rides.

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