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What can turn a conflict of trump with North Korea

Чем может обернуться конфликт Трампа с КНДРFollowing the war in Ukraine and the conflict in Syria, the world may be another serious problem in the far East.

In any case, the impression arose after sending a U.S. aircraft carrier to the Korean Peninsula, where the restless dictator Kim Jong-UN conducts new nuclear test.

In turn, the President of the United States Donald trump demonstrates in the media your cool character and promises to deal with the North Korean nuclear threat, and at the same time, by default, to snatch the laurels main fighter for peace and security for all peoples. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

And here, on 17 April, Deputy Ambassador of the DPRK to the UN Kim In-Rehn stated that the U.S. makes Korean Peninsula, the hottest spot of the world and creating a situation in which nuclear war could start at any moment. According to him, the DPRK could firmly respond to large-scale military exercises the U.S. and South Korea, including military means.

In turn, the Deputy foreign Minister of the DPRK Han Ryul said that Pyongyang will continue its missile testing, and if the United States would use force, will unleash a war.

Decide whether the United States a direct strike on the DPRK and what consequences it may cause — versed Commentator.

In an attempt to escape

During the election campaign trump has repeatedly declared his intention to solve the North Korean nuclear threat. These conversations didn’t abate after the settlement of the new American leader to the White house. For several months representatives of the administration, trump continued to hint that can strike at the birthplace of Kim Jong UN if North Korea will conduct a test of an Intercontinental missile that can reach U.S. borders.

The first months of the presidency, Trump clearly failed. Scandalous resignation of national security Advisor Michael Flynn, the constant accusations of sympathy to Vladimir Putin, demonstrative slap in the face to Congress, failed a critical vote on repealing Obamacare reforms, and a number of other failures affected the ranking of trump in the United States.

However, on 7 April, the us President ordered to launch a missile attack on a military base Bashar al-Assad, having declared thus the change of U.S. strategy in the middle East. Some experts have criticized trump too ostentatious (and not without reason), but the whole world took this gesture of the American President positively.

Already two days after the American strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier “Carl Vinson” made a sudden maneuver, abandoning the original plan to go to the ports of Australia and Singapore. Instead, the Navy went to the Korean Peninsula. The White house did not disclose the specific purpose of such a maneuver, limiting the hints of willingness to confront the North Korean nuclear threat.

However, Washington cannot fail to understand that an attack on North Korea will create a lot of problems. Including in relations with the dominant in the Asia-Pacific region by China, which on paper is an ally of North Korea and just can’t pull something like this. Therefore, the United States probably bluffing, trying to put pressure on Kim Jong-UN, that he refused the tests of Intercontinental missiles. So before the war between the countries it obviously will not happen, but theoretically, to punish Pyongyang, the Americans can.

Options strike

According to Asian media reports, North Korea may conduct a nuclear test on April 15 — the 105th anniversary of the birth of founder Kim Il sung. It is likely that the U.S. Navy can prevent the celebration of Kim Jong UN shooting down the missile on approach, and to demonstrate thus the insignificance of the threat from North Korea. However, no special effects will not result. Pyongyang will not abandon the development of dangerous weapons and will continue to conduct its tests.

But if you imagine that all these arguments are wrong, and trump is really going to deal with Pyongyang, a US Navy strike on some of the important objects of the nuclear missile range of Pyongyang. In this case, Kim Jong-UN, basing its authority on the doctrine of force will be forced to respond. But as to cause serious damage to the United States, the North Korean dictator is physically unable, then the attack will be directed at the nearest neighbor of the DPRK and Washington ally South Korea. Of course, Seoul is not going to remain silent and the case is likely to reach a new Korean war, which clearly will not benefit anyone in the region.

And China?

Very interesting, what position will China. As mentioned above, on paper, Beijing is an ally of Pyongyang and the main guarantor of its security, however this does not mean that the Chinese will agree to get into a war unless absolutely necessary. The game Kim Jong-UN with nuclear weapons have long been annoyed by Beijing, while cooperation with US can bring a lot of economic benefits.

This is what was discussed during the recent meeting of the trump leader XI Jinping. As described later, an American President in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, he invited XI Jinping to make concessions to China on trade policy in exchange for his help in the prevention of threats from North Korea. A tempting offer, on which China could easily agree that would be a major blow to Kim Jong-UN.

“According to Chinese media, a certain rapprochement between the countries occurred. Despite the fact that China was not particularly supportive of North Korea, but at least protected them from the missile strike and proposed to start negotiations on the basis that North Korea will abandon aggressive rhetoric, and the Americans will not hold in South Korea military exercises”, — told in the comment “observer” Director of the Institute for political analysis and international studies Sergei Tolstov.

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