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Poland alarmed by West losing interest in Ukraine conflict

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki warned on Monday that growing fatigue with the Ukraine crisis among Western populations might be something Russian President Vladimir Putin is counting on. Speaking to Polska Times, the prime minister said that while the Polish population was closely following developments in Ukraine, the same isn’t true …

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John Bolton makes prediction for Ukraine conflict

US President Joe Biden had failed to deter the Russian offensive in Ukraine and now has no idea what to do with the ongoing conflict, former US national security adviser John Bolton has said. Bolton also claimed that a deal between Moscow and Kiev seems to be unlikely at the moment. The …

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NATO admits it’s been preparing for conflict with Russia since 2014

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters on Wednesday that increases in military spending and rising numbers of troop deployments in Eastern Europe since 2014 were carried out in anticipation of a conflict with Russia. Speaking after a meeting of NATO members and partner states in Madrid, Stoltenberg accused Russia …

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Zelensky sets deadline for Russia-Ukraine conflict – media

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has insisted that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine must be finished by the end of the year. Speaking to the G7 leaders on Monday, Zelensky also called for tougher sanctions against Moscow, according to Reuters, which cited two EU diplomats. Speaking to the leaders of …

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US lawmakers attempt to declare Ukraine conflict a ‘genocide’ – media

A bipartisan group of US lawmakers introduced a resolution on Friday accusing Russia of committing “genocide” in Ukraine. The draft resolution reportedly accuses Russia of crimes that Moscow says were actually committed by Ukrainian forces and claims that Russian-speaking refugees were brought to Russian territory against their will. The resolution, …

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Angela Merkel reveals her role in the Ukraine conflict

Angela Merkel has said that decisions she made while in office, as well as her departure last year, may have influenced Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to launch Russia’s military operation in Ukraine in February. While ultimately blaming him for the decision to attack, she cautioned that the West “must …

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Pelosi blames inflation on wrong conflict

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi claimed on Thursday that the coronavirus pandemic and the “war in Iraq” were responsible for the soaring cost of living in the US. Pelosi’s own office corrected her statement to read “Ukraine,” in keeping with the rhetoric of her fellow Democrats. …

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Ukraine conflict has to end with diplomacy – US

As high-ranking White House officials argued the conflict in Ukraine has to have a diplomatic solution, media outlets close to US intelligence reported on Thursday of increasing concerns about Kiev’s hard-line position amid the deteriorating situation on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s defense minister vowed to fight until total victory. The …

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