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We confidently back to curse such 90-m

Мы уверенно возвращаемся к столь проклинаемым 90-м

When a lot of times over the years, I began to talk about what “optimization” of medicine, the closure of infectious departments and hospitals confronts us with the risk of catastrophe, I began to interrupt, to knock, to accuse of populism and asked — where is your outbreak? Here it is, rushed, unfortunately, I was right. If the coronavirus has not come this year and next, this sad theater would continue today.

And what do we see? The same people that used to cut and optimized, assuring us that he was right, I began frantically to correct their own mistakes, infusing a fix is much more effort and money than would be spent if we hadn’t been doing all these years, the destruction of medicine. And none of them apologized, and no one recognized his last wrong or was not punished.

And with the same confidence they are now beginning to introduce more stringent measures to Jack up the fines and take the cruel restrictive laws. What in the whips we never had a shortage.

Since I was right in the estimates of the epidemic threat, will make another prediction. Now, closing businesses and leaving people without any support, we are preparing the next disaster which will explode in the near future. When the millions of remaining unemployed and without any prospects in life, people simply will have nothing to eat, pay for housing, for electricity or credit.

We confidently back to curse such 90-m, and the standard of living, and as public infrastructure and power. Now the government itself, refusing to help, support, is preparing a new explosion, compared to which the epidemic is going to matter.

The attitude of the people and small entrepreneurs as grass — old will dry up, will break new is unacceptable and criminal. You need to consider both old and new errors and to save what can still be saved. Every day now is important because of problems, to solve which can still be serious, but feasible measures, in case of delay will have to pour much more money and effort.

Andrey Nikulin, Professor of philosophy

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