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Watch the trailer of the film “CSR” from musician Flying Lotus

The name Steven Ellison is unlikely to say something lover of cinema… but the fans of electronic music can say a lot, because it stands for such experimental hip-hop-acid jazz-and-even-that-there project like Flying Lotus. Even if you nothing about him unknown – it doesn’t matter, probably vaguely, you still could catch his song on the soundtrack to your favorite computer toy (especially if it is something cerecalase) or a favorite movie (again, if there was a place to spin four wheels). So, Steven Ellison has enlisted the support of friends, including Aphex Twin and Akira Yamaoka, and shot his film with the acid blackjack and all the ensuing consequences.

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The film was called “Kuso”, which is romanji-transcription of the Japanese word “CSR” means “shit”, “bullshit”. Also is the informal term for the Internet era, which in Asia is called parody and trash movies of low quality. Same with Grindhouse, autosome and machine guns emerge from the causal ground.

As you might guess from the title, the movie can’t wait for anything sane. In fact, this is easily seen by watching the trailer. However, there is no doubt that the tape will be the event of the year for all lovers of abstract and schizo-paranoid, then go straight on the shelf underrated cult classics.

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