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Was discovered macOS new virus that steals passwords

Был обнаружен новый вирус macOS, который крадет паролиNew malware has already started to conquer the “Apple” of the device.

Table macOS was discovered the malware, called OSX Dok. Experts note that the virus can easily bypass the security Gatekeeper.
OSX Dok steals passwords from infected computers. Slowrider impersonating banking sites with the purpose to intercept the data users to gain access to their Bank accounts.

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OSX Dok uses phishing and attack type “man in the middle” for the penetration of the computers. First, the program fraudulently lured access to personal data of users, and then reached the Bank account. Fake websites of banks are forcing users to install the application on the mobile device, which can lead to additional leakage of personal data.

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To get infected by virus like OSX Dok by opening spam email, which is issued for a letter from tax authorities. In such e-mails there archived app Truesteer.AppStore. If you start it, you will see only the error, but in fact, this point is infection.

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