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Vigorous trailer horror werewolf “Talbot”

Not that close hodnotila, but bezrybe and cancer – the fish. Or, if we are talking about movies about werewolves, and resolce Talbot – Lycan!

It is under the name “Talbot” in the Russian localization for the time being is the picture of the “Lycan”. Why not “Lycan”? Yes, simply because while in localization oriented to the working title of the film – “Talbot County”. The word “Lycan” is, of course, is related to the werewolf (a synonym of lycanthropy), but Talbot or Talbot – a direct reference to the classic Universal movies about the wolf Man, the protagonist of which bore the name “Talbot”.

The Director acts as Bev Land, for which the Talbot-Lycan – a debut in full metre. It is obvious that Director’s chair comrade went not without the help of his wife, actress Dani Ramirez, who plays in the film one of the main roles and is one of the producers. Not that Dan is very rich and famous, but on account of its participation in a number of hit TV shows (“Buffy the vampire Slayer”, “the Sopranos”, “Heroes”, “Devious maids”) and in such films as “American pie: All Assembly”, “Quarantine”, “special delivery,” so some connections and money are available. Fortunately, the budget, “Talbot” in more than modest and is only 250 thousand dollars.

Judging by the description of the film and its trailer, for the money the family Land-Ramirez managed to take a simple but brisk and bloody horror movie on the subject of werewolves. The movie will be released in limited release in the U.S. on 4 August 2017, and will then appear on digital services.

When the group of six students from a quiet southern town charge the overall project, the purpose of which is to shed light on some forgotten historical moment, one of the students starts a chain of horrific events when he offers them to go in the deep woods of Georgia, to uncover the mystery of the legend of Emily Burt, the werewolf that lives in the County of Talbot.

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