Monday , May 25 2020
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Vertical soft-boiled

Вертикаль всмятку

Twenty years they have built vertical, horizontal and destroying everything alive. Got what was supposed to chaos and paralysis. Putin announces “days off” the governors are correct — do not leave, they say, out of the house, but too late – kebabs and other pleasures of life on the background of beautiful weather crossed all. How many people were infected, how many will die how many will be disabled because of the cowardice and pathological inability to take decisions, we will never know.

The screen flashed a different exotic speakers. Apotheosis – Dmitry Medvedev addressed the nation at midnight in social networks.

Reminded Erdogan, speaking in I-phone during the coup. To justify Medvedev should be noted that he said nothing at all, leaving citizens to wonder what it was and if everything was okay with our all? Senator Klishas unexpectedly ran into Sobyanin, which was more than he supposedly powers. A hedgehog is clear, exceeded. So Sobyanin that the coup now? But then the President said that everything is correct. So Klishas just not explained? Only universities have established distance teaching, as declared holidays. Why?

Duma adopts a law allowing the government to impose a state of Emergency throughout the country. So far we have, as everywhere in presidential republics, it was in the exclusive competence of the President. We now have a dual power? Or they know the President as a political body is no longer and never will be?

The level of chaos grows with each passing hour. Is the message about the extension of the “isolation” (sometimes, though, they began to clean the console itself) until April 14. After a couple hours the staff declares that this message is incorrect. Published an order banning the movement. In an hour published clarification. The explanation says that an explanation will be given later.

A rabbit can learn to beat the drum, but to ride a bike – no. So his legs arranged. Our government is designed so that neither convince nor force her to do something for the citizens impossible. To establish, for example, the distribution of means of protection or to unload the prison. But in the ensuing chaos she rushes to do what he knows is how to hunt people. Fines, total control, the prohibition of lawyers to visit the jail, punishment for fake (that they are the enemies – those who says not what the boss says today, and then, for example, it said yesterday), not forgetting myself – a Scam with Venezuela worth. And the icing on the cake – the spring call is so crazy that in St. Petersburg it was stopped.

No one is able even to call black black and white white. Quarantine is called isolation, which is “asked” to comply, but for failure to comply with the request are going to be fined and even jailed.

All their vertical nonsense may in principle for some time to exist, but only if the head, quoting Putin, not grandma, but, all the same, grandfather. In the authoritarian (“vertical”) system personal qualities first-person even more important than in the democratic. The commander should be ahead on a spirited horse, and if he is at Valdai, when the first peals of thunder vertical naturally turns into a smelly pile of the substance from which it is made.

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