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Vera Brezhnev spoke about the secret of his youth

Вера Брежнева разоткровенничалась о главном секрете своей юностиCelebrity never said publicly.

Singer Vera Brezhnev often shared with fans candid details about growing up in a large poor family and the difficulties at the beginning of career.

Recently, the 35-year-old actress revealed what hardships she had to move in early career.

It turns out that Faith since childhood suffered with poor eyesight and wore glasses. Only after the young girl was in the “VIA gra” and work in a team, she was able to raise the money for laser vision correction and to resolve their main health problem.

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Also, the star was told that at the beginning of the group she wanted to drop everything and return home, as it is in a big foreign city without friends and acquaintances in a rented apartment unbearable loneliness and the pressure to which the owner sisters are not used to.

But still the singer has found the strength to endure all this – now Brezhnev recognized that very glad that I didn’t give up then.

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