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Vampires of the rising sun. About the new project of Director Sion sono

Sion sono is familiar to every lover of Asian cinema. Director, screenwriter, producer, one of the most significant Japanese filmmakers of our time, Creator of such cult films as “Cold fish”, “suicide Club”, “Why don’t you play in hell” and “Guilty of romance”. Along with international recognition, a multiple citation, and the constant attention from fans, sono stands out with another, probably pure Asian quality – it removes everything, a lot and quickly. Even if you really like what he’s doing, not the fact that after viewing the following work you will not spit and do not want to unsee the seen.

However, it seems that this project goes as well as possible.

We are talking about the TV series of nine episodes entitled “Tokyo vampire hotel” (Tokyo hotel vampires), which is preparing to stream the show on the network Amazon Prime Video from the 16th June. Actually, the name speaks for itself: we expect a story about the struggle of the local Japanese tribe of vampires with those who were lucky enough to meet them. Judging by the trailer, with the budget of the series all in order, and, it seems, lovers of blood and signature Asian madness also will not leave disappointed. Official sources brag shots from Japan and Romania (of course, Transylvania), and involved side are praising each other for their professionalism, a fresh perspective and a wide range of possibilities:

“In the center of our attention the work of filmmakers and innovators and creating original content, available only online Amazon. As for “Tokyo hotel vampires”, right from the first episode of our subscribers will see what’s never been seen – potryasayushee show different from the others. With his unique style of cinematic Baroque, sono is able to create signature work in any genre” – James Farrell, the head of Amazon Prime Video in the Asia-Pacific region.

“I long ago wanted to make an original vampire movie. And while we are talking about the show, I approached its creation as a movie. I am very proud that together we are doing something that has never existed before either in television or in the format of a movie” – Sion sono, the Director.

Well, let’s and traditionally we’ll cross our fingers and hope that the wizard will find the balance between the desire to do something innovative and the ability to not spoil the furrow.

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