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Vampire classic “Daughters of darkness” will get a sequel to its 50-year anniversary

In 1971, the Belgian Director Harry Kumel revealed to the world an erotic horror film Les lèvres rouges (“Their red lips”). Foreign companies, however, played badly with the title, turning the film in the “Satanic virgins”, “Erzsebet bloody love”, and entrenched as a result “Daughters of darkness” (Daughters of Darkness).

A stunning success, the film was not brought, but a few years later acquired some fame in the field of independent cinema, which remained with her to this day. For example, in early 2010-ies of Time Out magazine conducted a survey among a wide range of horror-makers on the theme of the beloved genre of the film according to them, “Daughters of darkness” was included in this prestigious list, ranking the 90 place among the 100 best horror games of all time.

A few years later the film turns fifty, he’s part of a world classic that is gathering dust in the fans, and then suddenly Harry Kumel declares that he will shoot the sequel to this picture!

It is unknown if hatched 77-year-old Director the idea of continuing all these years, or he just knocked in the head in the eve of the anniversary, but in any case producer Thomas Leyers of Minds Meet in rapture, even from the first draft of the script and immediately burned with a desire to work on this project. Here is what he says about the new idea of Kumala:

He came up with a very unusual twist to the established laws of the vampire world. It has an original plot to completely reconsider the question about the origin of vampires.

But now it became really interesting.

The sequel was called “Mothers of darkness”. Plot details have not been announced, but Layers promises that the “gorgeous women and attractive young men” will be available.

Well, as long as we recall the synopsis of the original painting:

Newlyweds Stefan and Valerie are traveling in continental Europe, heading to Britain. In Ostend they are waiting for the ferry decided to settle in the empty due to off season the hotel. Night in the hotel on the historic “Bristol” comes another couple: an old-fashioned-dressed Countess Elizabeth Bathory with his Secretary Ilona. Concierge amazed as he saw her forty years ago in childhood, and since then she hasn’t changed at all.

The main role in the tape played the darling of the critics Delphine Seyrig, John Karlen, Danielle the UIM, Andrea Rau. All of them now over sixty, and Seyrig, unfortunately, is no longer alive.

The shooting of “Mothers of darkness” is supposed to start in the summer of 2018.

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