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Utilsbor as a threat to business and the Treasury. Innovation can derail the VAT receipts

Утильсбор как угроза для бизнеса и казны. Нововведение способно обвалить поступление НДС

Constantly splash in social networks and the comments under the news of the discontent of the Belarusians with high prices have become habitual. But why in our country many goods more expensive than outside it? Traditionally, it is customary to blame “greedy merchants” and set them high margins, writes the Economic newspaper. The sellers on the market obey the rules for them written by officials. And very often the reason for high prices — in these rules.

Утильсбор как угроза для бизнеса и казны. Нововведение способно обвалить поступление НДС

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In Belarus increased by 10 times

All more or less well in the market of household and electronic appliances in the country until 2011. For 2012 this fee amounted to 0.3% of the value of the goods. This note, excluding taxes. Just — “for a fee”. From January 2016 it rose to 1%. But appetite comes during a meal. Someone he came this time.

Since April of this year utilsbor grew three times (and in fact, when compared with 2010, — 10 times) up to 3%.

And here worried (no, not the buyers, who continue to ask “Why so expensive?!”) already technology providers. Because a bona fide importers and sellers of equipment (almost all of them are United by the Association AKIT) in such a situation are non-competitive in their own market before the “grey” and “black” vendors and suppliers of the technology itself.

If you have an open border with Russia not only gray wholesalers and traders, but even individuals go for a single expensive shopping in Smolensk, Moscow, Bryansk.

Why do I need to pay a lot? Still a secret!

The problem was so serious that They had to appeal to the Minister of housing, Alexander Terekhov and the chief of presidential administration Natalia Kochanova, so that they “promoted”.

AKITA, according to its General Director Dmitry Ananiev, sees several major problems.

1. How “calculated” the amount of car recycling fee”?

According to the Chairman of the AKITA Andrey Misko, the feeling that he used only with one purpose — to collect more money. No calculations, cost estimates and explanations to payers was not provided (for example, recycling costs so much, the collection — so much, transportation and processing — so much, etc.). It was just, “Hand over the money!”

— There is a suspicion that this is not a car recycling fee which is collected to specific needs, where clear (transparent) mechanism for expenditure. Threefold increase in the collection in our case is more like a turnover tax for companies involved in this business. And this, according to the same hosing and public services Ministry, more than 2600 organizations!

Why in Russia you can pay to 180 times less

2. The biggest problem: the binding of utilization fee to the contract value.

Take a conditional refrigerator cost 500 USD, which you have to pay a recycling fee in Belarus 15 USD. And compare it with the iPhone cost 1000 USD, which will have to pay the car recycling fee 30 USD.

Weight one refrigerator will be conditionally equal to 250 smartphones (every 200 g). Total: over 50 kg of the refrigerator, which is at times difficult to divide into components, the fee will be 15 USD per 50 kg phones — 7500 USD, which after taking of the battery just crushed. Absurd? What!

What we talk about weight? Because all the so-called “civilized” world binds utilsbor not to the contract value of the goods but to its weight. All, including Russia, with which Belarus borders are open, where the recycling fee is 850 rubles per ton. And where, by the way, the main flow of “gray” imports.

If you compare us with Russia, we get a real picture showing the price competitiveness of Belarusian suppliers of home appliances and electronics.

For a ton of Samsung TVs Minsk, the dealer will pay 14 500 Belarusian rubles utilsbora, Russia — the equivalent of 850 rubles per ton of screwdrivers Bosch in Republic of Belarus have to pay 14 200 Belarusian rubles utilsbora, in Russia — all the same 850 rubles per ton of electric shavers Philips — 160 200 (!) Belarusian rubles in our country, in Russia — 850 rubles.

You still have a questions, why do we have more? But the AKITA is the question of questions: how did it happen that Belarusian utilsbora not mapped to by the partners?

By e-waste can not be removed

3. We do not have a legislative provision that allows supposedly to avoid the recycling fee by organizing their own collection systems. According to the hosing and public services Ministry of more than 2,600 enterprises engaged in electrical subjects, only two organizations attempted to create such a system. It turns out, less than 0.1% wishing to save on the tax, which is obviously unbearable.

Already only these facts can testify, the law does not work here. Although the Operator VMR seems to be not cease to call for the creation of your own system.

To unite suppliers and sellers of household appliances to arrange self collect “scrap” are not allowed.

You never know what… Suddenly someone organizes… better pay.

4. Double payment for one and the same product. Because first for the Hoover paid a supplier/seller then the buyer. Legal entity — upon delivery of written off equipment, an individual developed in the bowels “of the Operator VMR” and hosing and public services Ministry to the norms of waste generation. And here in respect of the individuals we see another absurdity (i.e., something beyond comprehension).

Because of the standards for each person in the country should be produced 37 kg of waste “household and electronic appliances” (maybe a comma forgot to put?). It is 120 – 150 kg for a family of 3-4 people. It turns out that we each “cell of society” annually changes TV, fridge and washing machine (this usually happens every 8-10 years).

In this case, surprisingly, the people of our country do not stumble on the streets of discarded monitors and laptops and not slip up on tablets or smartphones.

* * *

Summing up. Three-fold increase in collection of complex technical products “stimulated” the growth of black import home appliances and electronics. This automatically compromises the flow of the most important for the Belarusian state budget tax — VAT. But these sums to replenish the Treasury of the Russian Federation. After all, there are importers, no such problem.

When we created the Customs Union, meant that our country will receive compensation for such losses. But now we have tried unsuccessfully to get out of Russia at least something. Mechanism of compensation of losses is no more. Why then state in their hands to the detriment of his own Treasury?

What else have we got? The decrease in the competitiveness of Belarusian economic entities. The government needs to make the domestic business was weaker and poorer than the Russian? Why?

If you really need the extra money, should probably increase the amount of the recycling fee is not at times, and on the interest. At least by tying the increase to inflation.

You cannot ignore the size of the same fees at least in Russia and Kazakhstan.

The industry is not against utilsbora. They are only for the fact that he was not in contradiction with economic realities and common sense. The main principle of the recycling collection: littering, pays — overthrown and trampled. For “market disposal” it is time to return justice.
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