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Users predupredili about an Android app that makes you put him top five

Пользователей предупрелили о Android-приложении, которое заставляет ставить ему пятёркиDownloaded the app already had more than 5000 times.

Experts from the company ESET warns users about the discovery in the Google Play Store app, which requires to put it a high rating, this after promising to unlock access to all functionality.

Inside the application is found showing the Trojan, while it claims to be a software to download videos from YouTube. Downloaded the app already had more than 5000 times.

ESET calls Android app/Hiddad.BZ. It falls asleep advertising to users and promises to remove it, if you put the app five stars on the Play store. The researchers found in the store seven versions Hiddad with names like Tube.mate or Snaptube. If you install them in the applications list on the device they are displayed under the same name Music Mania. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

After starting the system appears fake screen that offers to install the plugin. To remove the screen is not possible and the user is forced to comply with its requirements; by clicking on the install button, the user actually installs the is. Then the plugin requires administrator rights to refuse too.

After obtaining administrator privileges app begins to display advertisements and requires to supply him the highest rating. Administrator rights to applications can be removed in settings, and then available to remove the application manually. Experts say that this program can be one of many that will soon begin to demand high ratings in the store. As an example, they cite an app called Subway Surf Sonic Jump; it is enough to read reviews on it to learn about the unreliability of its high rating.

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