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USA against the USSR. Compare!

США против СССР. Сравниваем!



США против СССР. Сравниваем!

So, friends — today will be an interesting post comparing the two countries, the USSR and the USA. Fans of the Soviet Union with the incomprehensible stubbornness I continue to call the USSR the word “superpower”, although nothing like the Soviet Union was not — he was just supporting in the international arena of all sorts of dictators and renegades, which prevented normal development of the world. While telling in the country all sorts of propaganda tale of the “cursed US” and inciting hatred against the countries who live freely.

Remember how in the nineties on television were many, many stories about real life in the United States — former Soviet citizens watched with amazement at how in the US do not live any where “Pindos with a horn in its forehead”, and exactly the same as they are, the people — but with equal attachment forces at work were much more possibilities in your life. It was the traveling, and possession of particular property, and opportunities for children, and the right to be protected from state arbitrariness of the former Soviet Union, it seemed to be something amazing and magical.

Everything has changed since the beginning of the two thousandth — the premonitory phenomenon of the new era, its programmin film was the propaganda film “Brother-2”, and later the powers that be at all began to return to the open anti-American rhetoric. The reason for this Sedna one — Americans really don’t like any dictators, usurpers and corrupt, and those that know about US are very afraid.

So in today’s post — comparison of the USSR and the USA, as well as some conclusions. Make sure you check out the article below, write in the comments your opinion, well to friends to add do not forget)

The standard of living of the population.

США против СССР. Сравниваем!

I think here everything is clear — the average Soviet citizen lived much poorer than the average American, and had much less rights than the latter. The Soviet citizen had no right of ownership, no right of choice of country of residence, even their mestopolojenie within the USSR, he could choose not always — for this it was necessary to have “a”, and major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg were generally on the rights closed. For example, on immigration in the same Moscow were installed vserazlichnyh quotas and “limits”, where it went the word “limit” (with the accent on the “a”) — so the word “Muscovites” (often only in the second generation) called all the “we come in large numbers here”.

Rural populations and say nothing — in the United States were free farmers (they were located mainly in the southern States), where people had the right to freely own weapons, hire workers in any amount, to build any building, to buy any equipment, take any amount in the loan, and themselves to set prices for their products, and so on — in short, the state respects your rights as an individual and does not interfere with their implementation. All functions of the state was limited only to enforcing the laws.

The scoop is unfortunate peasants lived on the rights of the serfs and slaves, they had not what weapons, but even a passport — they were issued only in the seventies, and in fact a large part of the Soviet Union people lived on slave rights. The peasants had no right to leave anywhere from a slave farm without the permission of the “boss” and worked for “work days” — not getting paid for their work no payment. I know what I write — my father grew up in a rural area and well remember the realities of the Soviet village 1950-60-ies, there was poverty on the verge of starvation, and it is still in the relatively prosperous BSSR. What in those days was in some Povolzh’e — me and my imagination.

In the cities the Bolsheviks told the tale of the “free” apartments, which cost (often 2-3-4 multiples) are actually calculated from paycheck, the Soviet citizen had not the right choice of accommodation, but a whole life lived in barracks, communal flats or hostels. In the U.S., any worker could take a housing loan at very low interest rates and obtain housing in the private property.

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About the “quality” of Soviet housing, I will modestly keep silent — the family of a Soviet worker of 5 people at best lived in two hruscheby, whereas the same worker in the USA, the same qualifications and work the same number had a two-storey private house with 3 bedrooms, large living room, dining room, kitchen and garage. In graze, as a rule, there was a car or two — even the humble and the poor American farmer were usually small pekarcik for field work and the car for trips to the city. Soviet citizens were forced to take by storm rusty Soviet trams, figuring out the associated issues of who’s who trod on his foot.

You can still go on, comparing the quality of food, water and everything else, but I think enough of what I wrote above — it is obvious that the level and quality of life of the population in the United States and the Soviet Union pales in comparison — scoop compared to the United States was a poor and backward country with a downtrodden and powerless people.

The level of education.

США против СССР. Сравниваем!

One of the primary Soviet myths, which like a virus-a disease spread by fans of the USSR is a myth about some “high quality” of Soviet education. They say that the level of education in the USSR was so high, and say nothing about it. The Soviet people are the best in the world doing the crossword! In parallel with this myth also apply to the stories that in America, as everyone knows, live stupid Pindos meme about “stupid Americans” was launched in the propaganda film “Brother-2” and supported by the infamous satirist, spoil yourself biography in Putinka years.

What this propaganda is completely understandable. When the state is unable, unwilling or simply unable to provide the level of quality of people’s lives when it’s simply not cope with their responsibilities, it often invents some intangible, immeasurable imaginary values, which can exceed the others. Yes, Bob — you are poor, your building is about to collapse in the stairwell opisannye corners — but you are smarter and more spiritual stupid Pindos. Not in money happiness! Important to be able to with an intelligent face from time to time to ask, “in what force, brother?”

Look at the facts. For all the years of existence of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the 27 years of its existence the young state of the Russian Federation, the Nobel prize for citizens of those countries were presented 16 times. Two people (Pavlov and Mechnikov) received the Nobel prize even before the revolution, four people received the Nobel prize for literature — and the literature that was at odds with a shovel (Bunin, Pasternak, Sholokhov and Solzhenitsyn), plus a few physicists and chemists. Representatives of the “stupid USA” received the Nobel prize as much as 326 times more than 20 times greater than the same indicators from the Soviet Union. That awards for fundamental discoveries in physics, chemistry, medicine, physiology, and the Nobel prize for literature.

If this is not enough — you will also reported that in the ranking of the best universities in the world from the United States is consistently a few dozen Universities from the United States, and the top ten includes 8 American Universities, and 5-6 American universities take place from the 10th to the 20th. Russia is in last place of the ranking there occasionally gets MSU, and sometimes misses. So it looks around this rating:

США против СССР. Сравниваем!

In General, the words here are unnecessary. In the end I can add is that even how educated the best way Soviet citizens charged the water cans at the TV in the last Soviet years and as a collected book stock in the polished sideboards.

Foreign policy.

США против СССР. Сравниваем!

“Pindos just think about yourself when trying to establish a life in the neighboring countries!” — from time to time cry fans of the Soviet Union, discussing American foreign policy. This is a completely true statement, which I fully agree with the fans of the USSR. No one wants to live next to the poor, hungry and eternally aggressive neighbors — everyone wants to live next to respectable countries that respect their citizens and their neighbors.

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And there is no “pan-Americanism” is simple common sense, which is exactly the same way it works on the micro level. If the neighbor in the third apartment in your entryway says it all — “friends, we are at number one lives an alcoholic who staged shooting galleries, obstical all corners and yelling at night in the entrance of the bad voice songs about the Homeland — let’s get this to do something”, then you and him obviously agree — not because of the “reticulating protectorate”, but just because of common sense — so it will be better for everyone. Alcoholic of apartment number one is, of course, against this state of Affairs — he will scream something about a “multipolar entrance” and that pissy angles are also an important part of understanding culture, but I listen to it, no one will — because everyone wants to live in a clean and beautiful entrance, and not to smell the alcoholic miasma. It is in your best interest and in the interest of the initiative of the tenant of apartment number three.

That’s about the same way evolved the foreign policy of the USSR and the USA — the United States tried to maintain a normal prosperous “neighbors on the porch”, which, standing on the feet, turned into the normal state. The Soviet Union supported any drunks from the apartment number one — trying putting a spoke in the wheel of the civilized world.

As soon as in any African country or in the distant American Broughtonii had an alcoholic in power, he immediately received support from the Soviet Union — just because “the Baba-Yaga against”. The Soviet Union supported the cannibal Bokassa, the cannibal IDI Amin (who kept the bodies of their victims in a big fridge in the garden), supported the dictator and usurper Mugabe — Brezhnev kissed him on the gums and told him “you are our dear Robert Mugabe Gabrielevich!”, sending gifts in the form of money and machines.

What’s interesting — all of this support was carried out on money of ordinary Soviet workers, who did not even know existed.

Different future. Instead of an epilogue.

США против СССР. Сравниваем!

What is surprising is that after all the Soviet experiments on their own people and surrounding countries are still those who continue to think the Soviet way of development something normal and good. In the world there is no time when the Soviet protectorate would be able to build a rich and happy state-without the Gulag and repression. No! At best you can recall unsustainable “showcase of socialism” in which money workers from Omsk and Surgut was made “a pretty picture for the foreign press” — like Bulgaria or Yugoslavia.

In all other cases was the same — state under Soviet protectorate has launched a crackdown, “crackdown”, I get incredibly corrupt upper class, who possessed special privileges+powerless people, and then received the outflow of population from the country and closed the borders, and the propaganda telling about how well all of us here live outside the fence, and worked it’s always the same — from the GDR to the DPRK. With the support of the USA always gets pretty selphie countries, like South Korea or West Germany — with normal rights of the population, with a normal level of education, decent wages and stuff like that.

To summarize, we can say this — the United States tried to maintain a perspective of the country and sought to make them as rich and rule of law, what was the United States itselfand the Soviet Union supported all the renegades and tried to make them as poor, and bespravie, what was the Soviet Union, and exploited for the sake of this “higher purpose” of their own unhappy population. In the Soviet view, it was “a multipolar world”, which was supposed to fight…

Such cases.


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