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United States army: service in the us army

Армия США: служба в американской армии

The theme of the U.S. Army and serving in the army of the United States of America is very interesting – there are a great many privileges, which I will tell you! Navigation article: 1. Service in the US army 2. The conditions of military service for US citizens and Green Card holders 3. In the American army, both at work 4. How to pay us military in the US army 5. The system of special “bonuses” and compensation in the U.S. army 6. “The social package of the Pentagon,” 7. Socio-legal status of US troops 8. A successful fight against hazing in the army the U.S. army service In contrast to “our” army to serve his country Americans are calling since I was 17 (with parental permission) and up to 42 years. Armed forces with the 70-ies of the work under the contract. In other words, You “hire” to work for a certain period, and You, in turn, pledge faithfully to serve for a period of 2 to 6 years. You are given a contract, You read it, ask any questions and then sign. From this moment on You are the property of the state. The U.S. army invites you to a service contract US citizens and holders of green Cards. Service in the U.S. army every year to recruit contract harder and harder, therefore, the cash bonuses grow every year. In 2011 year, the newly minted soldiers received a bonus of $20,000 dollars if he signed for 2 years at least. For 4 years it has grown to $30,000. The average salary is small, $1,800, plus a bonus, but he will be whole and in parts every year of service under the contract. If the soldier is married, then in addition, he receives $1,000 at least per month on accommodation. If not married, the soldier can live in the dorms, it’s like a little hotel for 2 people, there is a shower, toilet, microwave oven, air conditioning, beds and furniture. For this do not take money — all included in the SOC.package! The conditions of military service for US citizens and Green Card holders of Ordinary holders of a green Card (not US citizens) have some limitations, well, in terms of what job to choose, because, for example, to work as a translator, one must be a U.S. citizen, and be in the infantry unit – no difference, to serve in the forces – again, must be a US citizen… In the U.S. army as a job, the Armed forces of the United States consists of several major components. This is the army, called the Army of the United States is the largest division of the American armed forces. Next are the Naval Forces of the United States. Then, the U.S. Marine Corps, submits it to the Department of the Naval Forces. Followed by Air Force. Next is the United States Coast Guard. Land border guards not the army, and a specialized unit of the border the Department of homeland Security. How to pay us military the US army the us army to serve also interesting because of the service they pay good money! Wage war in the United States the heads of many States would do well to take what is called “adopted”! If the Russian military enlistment offices for enrolling in the service were paid $10,000-$30,000 in the U.S., the word “cut” would disappear from our daily lives in a matter of days. Contributed to this and the salary, which for the average now is $1,294, and after 4 months increased to $1,399. After receiving the rank of private 1st class in the pocket will be able to put now $1,649 with a monthly addition of hundreds more. The maximum that you can expect in this title – $1,860. Corporal U.S. army receive $1,827, the first 5 years of service, and then the amount rises to $2,218 and stops. But the Sergeant shines the annual increase in the amount of $100. Slightly higher salaries of the officers. General earns $153,000 a year, detachable shoulder straps, Brigadier-General, he will increase the amount by $20,000, and becoming the General of the army will receive $215,000. See also: salary in the United States: how many are Americans for you! Visa in USA 4 days – 5 450 a long way! Getting a visa to the United States in circumvention of sanctions Through 2017, Russian Federation and neighbouring countries. We Are Waiting For You! Learn more the System of special “bonuses” and compensation in the United States army American soldiers Salary depends on seniority and it is clear that such a system increases the zeal for the promotion. This contributes to a system of special military “bonus” – compensation for money spent on food, if the soldier prefers the dining room, homemade food, free housing. If the employee rents the house, the army compensates it for the costs. Separate line item are compensation for participation in hostilities — $225 a month gets everyone who is on military territory, another $100 is added to the military who serve on the “front line”. In addition, $250 per month for that soldiers forced to be away from family and $4 daily for the lack of comfort, which in the field, of course, can only dream of. All payments are made automatically into the special account of military personnel. By the way, this is another source of income for the American soldier, since the amount that can be up to $10,000 to be paid 10% that it substantially increases. Important fact that the money is not taxed. The number of salary increments in the U.S. army incredible – for service on submarines, skydiving and diving descents and even for such “combat” action, as the duty in the day. Paid for the cost of uniforms, the car (really only used for official purposes), and even a private jet! Want to legally live and work in the USA but don’t know how? Get a FREE consultation immigration lawyers “Social package of the Pentagon” In General, the social package provided by the Pentagon is over 140 benefits, which include insurance that soldier costs 5 times cheaper than the ordinary citizen, the medical service which includes even the payment of plastic surgeries, spending on education, transportation, opportunity to shop at special stores. But as always continue this good life can’t and the time comes to go into retirement, the state took care of its veterans. Upon dismissal from the army every officer, depending on the service life and the title gets from $13,390 to $161,857 severance pay, pensions range from $664 to $18,061, depending on rank and length of service are preserved and put multiple benefits to the veterans. According to the Ministry of defense of the United States: Average annual salary of airman or Sergeant, serving in military units is $32,195 (the officer receives — $64,125) Soldiers and sergeants of the U.S. air force earn, on average, $33,095, officers — $66,883 sailors — $33,744, officers of the Navy of the United States — $65,940 Soldiers and sergeants of the Marine Corps — $29,355 (officers — $62,161) the American dream in the American army seems quite feasible! Socio-legal status of US troops the Socio-legal status of servicemen covers 3 areas: General civil rights and freedoms of servicemen, military service law, as well as their organization, military duties and associated legal liability. American law is Holy refers to the fundamental rights of soldiers: suffrage (the role of political parties, public organizations and mass movements, role in rallies, processions and demonstrations) Freedom of speech and the Right to leisure (vacation not more than 60 days, on account of future service up to 45 days) Right to housing (single soldiers are in barracks or free hostels of hotel type, face, privates and sergeants, get on the ground part of the free area) Right to education the Right to health care and health protection (constant monitoring of the condition of health) The right to compensation of harm caused to the individual soldier or personal belonging while performing official duties, the Right to a pension (service in the regular armed forces for at least 20 years, and disability) the Right to burial (military personnel can be buried as in the public military and a private cemetery) the Right of the rank Entitled to wear a military uniform (a military uniform is not worn when carrying out civil works) the Right to maintenance Right to the dismissal from actual military service (mandatory dismissal shall be persons over 62 years officers have the right to resign) a Successful fight against hazing in the army In the us army recruit primarily gets into the distribution center. There is not sweet, but its starting to educate sergeants are professional warriors. In the United States army sergeants — a layer… the Communication of a soldier with the boss is strictly regulated. For example, the agreed even places on the body to which the Sergeant can touch. And if the Sergeant is going to do it, he warns. If you fail to warn soldiers can complain to the chaplain. The chaplain will be required to apply disciplinary action against the Sergeant. Chaplain — officer, are endowed with significant powers. He knows the major religions, and to him I turn for help the soldiers of different faiths. If a soldier declares that he wants to meet and talk with the chaplain, his desire has the right to stop anybody. When the chaplain sees that people in the army do not pull that he and the military service are incompatible, you can go to the commander and ask soldier to the reserve. And get outta here! To become a Sergeant in the us army, need to last 2-3 years. They get well, so it is very value their reputation and work. If the officer or Sergeant would take a bribe, its not just condemn, he will cease to shake hands, not shake hands, turn away from him. If the recruits understand each other, and the Sergeant did not intervene, it is unnatural. The Sergeant must immediately stop this kindergarten and to convey to their superiors. And if, nevertheless, the incident took place and soldiers were injured, the treatment and rehabilitation will be carried out at the expense of the Sergeant. There are exceptions, where sergeants can exceed your authority. For example, the garnet range. There is a special atmosphere, quite dangerous, and the Sergeant can hit the soldier, if he will do something wrong. Generally, the Sergeant has the right to yell at the rookie to insult him, but physical abuse to do not allowed. But the insult should not be on religious or gender. The course “the young fighter” in the US army lasts 2-3 months. Sleep give 2-3 hours a day and regularly harassed by continuous training. The senior officer can make a recruit do push-UPS, chin-UPS, run in circles. In the us army there is a mutual responsibility. If you’re doing something wrong, punish the whole platoon. And this, naturally, outraged of his colleagues that might show dissatisfaction in different forms. And you have that right. Fighting in the us army as frequent as in Russia. But torture does not reach… In America people are not so cruel. Americans have the military police. The most recent captain of the police is not subordinate to the General who commands the army. Police responding to any signal of any soldier. You can refer to doctors. Doctors will also carry where necessary. We would call it snitching. And they have — in order. Unlike the Russian army, where the system is designed to destroy a person completely, in the American army tests quenched. If someone does decide to make fun of the rookie, the other will not be silent. Besides the US army wild cycle. Serve on one place no more than 2 months. And if you have no relations in one place — the rest in the other. We came to the conclusion that the American army is fighting, and bullying is not… If you want to legally live and work In America, learn about how to immigrate to the US, get a free consultation with an immigration lawyer.

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