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Ukrainians warned of another increase in gas prices

Украинцев предупредили об очередном повышении цен на газThe expert described the reason for the increase.

Co-chair of the energy strategies Foundation Dmytro Marunych has warned that from October Ukrainians can expect a new increase in gas prices is roughly 19%.

Earlier, the Cabinet of Ministers approved a new financial plan of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, which envisages the growth of tariffs for the population.

While Marunich drew attention to the fact that in Ukraine the decree of the government No. 187 containing the order tariff review, which is linked to import parity. According to the document, the revision rate is carried out twice a year.

“If CMU does not change the wording of this decree, from 1 October we need to raise the rate to 17-19 per cent,” he said.

The revision of fuel prices was enshrined in the Memorandum with the International monetary Fund (IMF). To save the current gas prices, according to the Marunich, Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman it is necessary to convince the Foundation to keep prices at current levels. If such a decision will not be accepted, the price increase will still have, he said.

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