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Ukrainians warned of a new threat of cyber attack virus

Украинцев предупредили о новой кибератаке опасного вирусаTo reduce the risk of contamination of equipment with a virus, experts recommend thorough and attentive to all your electronic communications.

The postal and telecommunications recorded a mass spread of the virus-ransomware, known as the Scarab, the Department of police of National police of Ukraine.

This virus was first discovered by cybersecurity experts in June 2017, and November 24, recorded its distribution through the largest spam botnet network “Necurs”.

Cybersecurity experts found that using the “Concern” was sent over 12 million emails containing files with the new version of Scarab ransomware.

“E-mails, which contained Scarab, was disguised as archives of scanned images. Email users, receiving the message, saw that it was allegedly attached the image files of scanned documents. For example: “Scanned from Lexmark”, “Scanned from HP”, “Scanned from Canon, Scanned from Epson”, – stated in the message.

These letters contained inside the 7Zip archive, the archived Visual Basic script. After its actuation to the user’s computer is downloaded and the. EXE file runs, the virus ransomware Scarab.

After successful encryption, the virus creates and automatically opens a text file with a ransom note and then places it on the desktop.

The amount of repayment not specified in the message. However, the attackers are paying attention to the victim that the ransom amount will increase over time until the patient will contact the authors of the Scarab by email or out bitmessage.

A day in the Department of cyber police of the National police of Ukraine did not receive appeals and statements about the defeat this virus.

To reduce the risk of infection with virus technology, specialists in postal and telecommunications recommends that users carefully and attentive to all your electronic communications. It is not necessary to access these applications, even if they come from a trusted source. Also the police advise you to obtain confirmation of the file transfer from a recipient of other available communication channels (phone, SMS, messengers)

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