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Ukrainians told, who increased the salary

Украинцам рассказали, у кого больше всего выросла зарплатаBy the end of 2017.

A leader in the growth of wages in 2017 was in the sphere of public administration, defense and mandatory social insurance.

The average nominal salary of full-time employee in October 2017 made up of 7.38 thousand UAH. Over the last twelve months this figure rose to 38%. This is evidenced by the State statistics service.

Over the past 12 months, the most rapid growth of average wages in the field of public administration, defence and compulsory social insurance (on 70,6% to 10.35 thousand UAH), education (57.5 per cent to 5.8 thousand UAH), health care (45.3% of up to 5 thousand UAH), and agriculture (43.9% to 6.15 thousand UAH), production of motor vehicles and trailers (by 43.8% to 8.2 thousand UAH) and in the textile industry (by 43.2% to 5.74 thousand UAH).

During this period the average salary has decreased only in the sphere of water transport (by 2.3% to 8.3 thousand UAH) and the production of computers and electronic products (1.4% to 8.6 thousand UAH).

The leaders in terms of average salaries are the following sectors: air transport (33,7 thousand UAH), pharmacy (13.9 thousand UAH), financial and insurance activities (13.3 thousand UAH), as well as it and telecommunications (12.7 thousand UAH).

Note that the proportion of Ukrainians who receive less than the minimum wage at the level of 3,2 thousand UAH, fell to 8.6%. The proportion of workers whose official salary is within the 3.2-4 thousand UAH, is 24.5%. Another 24.4% of Ukrainians receive salaries at the level of 4-6 thousand UAH, and 15,6% — in the range of 6-8 thousand UAH. Almost 10% officially earn 8-10 thousand UAH.

And more than 10 thousand UAH receive 17,1% of the workforce.

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