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Ukrainian scientists are predicting an environmental catastrophe in the case of construction of the Kerch bridge

Украинские ученые предрекают экологическую катастрофу в случае постройки Керченского мостаA huge consequence suffer fauna in the Azov sea.

The construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait poses a serious threat to the existence of the red book of the Azov Dolphin.

This was stated by Deputy Director for science Ukrainian scientific centre of ecology of the sea, candidate of biological Sciences, senior researcher Eugene Wild.

“None of the Russian scientific institutions have not figured out how to change the water exchange between the Black and Azov seas. And he definitely will change. There is now one powerful current that runs in both directions. And how to change this flow of water will change as the migration of soil particles, that is, where there will be new rocks, where it will debug the ground, that no one counted. Didn’t even try to do it,” – he stressed.

According to the ecologist, this is a very significant factor.

“Partly it starts to act now. Enough to stand the bulls bridge. It is not necessary that the upstairs was completed canvas. The most delicate construction of the bridge will affect the migration of fish and dolphins. The fact is that today, populations of many species of fish and dolphins fattening part of the year in the sea of Azov, and when it gets cold, move to warmer areas of the Black sea. That is, there is the annual spring migration to the sea of Azov and the annual autumn migration of Azov to the Black sea. In the first are schools of fish, and then all three Dolphin species,” said Wild.

He added that already today there is reason to believe that these migrations are very much threatened by construction work.

“In particular, the use of explosive equipment and underwater explosions that have occurred in the regeneration of these bulls bridge. We don’t know how this year’s migration actually took place. Perhaps the fall will know something. But in any case for the dolphins Kerch bridge, no matter in the process of construction or completed, is a serious obstacle. Not so, in order to stop them, completely cut off, but enough to make this migration difficult. It is a factor which can cause a very serious reduction in the population of anchovy, and porpoises (the Azov Dolphin. – Ed.) and so we have a “red book”, and is under threat,” concluded Dickie.

As reported by the “observer”, formerly Deputy Minister of infrastructure, Yuriy Lavrenyuk said that the construction of the Russian Federation of a bridge across the Kerch Strait threatens the national security of Ukraine.

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