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Ukrainian military funny potrollit militants “DNR”

The military has shown how fakes are born fighters.

The Ukrainian military deployed in the area of Avdeevka, raised close to its position the US flag.

Last week, the Ukrainian soldiers hung the flag of Italy and the Russian propagandists have begun to report on the reinforcement of the armed forces Italian units, volunteers of the group “Come alive” in Facebook.

“Soldiers of the 92nd brigade did not stop there, deciding to further scare the terrorists of the battalion “Pyatnashka”… took the Baton neighbors, hung out for a few tens of meters of the flag of the United States of America”, – stated in the message.

Volunteers noted that waiting for the next portion of the fake news from Pro-Kremlin media.

It should be noted that network users amused the initiative of the military.

“We need guys NATO-flags to pass to all official”, “we Have put up flags of those countries, which stoked for Mordor, let them understand each other. The Italian flag is appropriate, even necessary Serbian, Hungarian, German”, “Molodtsy guys! A sense of humor in the war-huge power!” – commentators write.

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