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Ukraine was to accumulate coal

Украина стала накапливать угольReserves of hard coal are estimated at almost 800 thousand tons.

Coal stocks in warehouses of thermal power plants thermal power plants of Ukraine in the period from 20 to 27 February increased by 5% (75.1 thousand tons) – to 1 million 581,5 thousand tons.

According to the Ministry of energy and coal industry, as of the morning of 27 February, the reserves of coal anthracite made 789,8 thousand tons (-0.3 percent to 20 Feb), gas group – 791,7 thousand tons (+10.8 percent).

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In addition, the reserves of coal in warehouses of thermal power plants (CHP) of Ukraine for the week decreased by 2.2% (2.5 thousand tons) – to 109.7 thousand tonnes. In particular, stocks of anthracite coal on February 27 constitute 55,2 thousand tons (down 21% from 20 Feb), gas – 54,5 thousand tons (+28.8 per cent).

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