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Ukraine knows how to respond to the military aggression of Russia

Украина знает, чем ответить на военную агрессию РоссииUkrainian General was able to predict the next actions of the occupier.

To mobilize the electorate ahead of the presidential elections in Russia the Kremlin will “hold the tension” in Ukraine, but is unlikely to be resolved on offensive operations for objective reasons.

This opinion was expressed by General-Lieutenant Dmitry Umanets.

“Of course, Putin for successful elections in 2018 needed victory. Unfortunately, the Russian people in the victory reacts positively,” declared the General.

“What will Putin do? Undoubtedly, it will keep the tension in Ukraine. Syria, it seems, relegated to the background, in other places too drastic action on his part – I mean Georgia, Abkhazia and so on. As for “younger brother”, of Ukraine, of course, this is the best option for such actions,” he said.

The General also no doubt that large-scale joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises “West-2017” scheduled for September this year, also aim to “keep in suspense” – and countries-NATO members, and Ukraine.

This constant state of tension necessary to the Kremlin, “not to give Ukraine to continue to boost the economy, to raise the social sphere, so after 5 years was not that Ukraine went forward and that it attracted other countries”, – said Umanets.

Thus, he suggested that “this center will not fade”. In this context, the General was reminded that the visibility of the cessation of hostilities it was not even during the negotiations of the “Normandy” Quartet, although even during the Second world war, “when negotiations were conducted at the highest level, active hostilities ceased”.

“Putin’s actions clear: he spit at all,” stated the General.

However, he stressed: “with regard to offensive moments – I would not hurry with such conclusions, because there are a number of factors that still do not allow for their implementation. No matter what anyone said, but sanctions hit on his hands, feet and head”.

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