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Ukraine has set a record for the number of cattle

Украина поставила антирекорд по поголовью скотаThe lowest indicator for all time of observations.

In Ukraine recorded the lowest number of cattle in comparison with years when accounting was conducted. This was stated by the expert of agricultural markets Andrey Pankratov, according to the food and agriculture organization of the United Nations, FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO).

“This year Ukraine starts with a low population: the number of cattle at the beginning of 2017 is 3 million 675 thousand heads is the smallest number in the entire documented history”, – stated in the message. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Pankratov notes that the number of pigs also decreased to 6 million 689 thousand, the figure is also one of the lowest among the previous years.

The expert adds that the reduction in livestock will reduce meat production in Ukraine. Pankratov notes that the production volumes of beef (295 thousand tons) and pork (621 thousand tons) for 2017 will be among the lowest compared to previous years. The production of poultry meat on the contrary may increase. So, according to the experts, if you will grow the volume of its exports, the production could rise to 1174 thousand tons.

“Total meat in Ukraine, considering the offal and fat, in 2017 will be reduced by 1%,” said Pankratov.

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