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Ukraine has intensified snakes

В Украине активизировались змеиHow to avoid a snake bite

Easter, may day and spring warm – a reason for many to get out into nature.

But it is not only a wonderful period, when trees blossom, but also a time of awakening snakes. However, they can coexist peacefully, if not to violate their space.

Lives in Ukraine 5 species of poisonous snakes, whose victims each year, dozens of people.


Not all snakes are poisonous, but in the spring they are particularly aggressive and therefore pose a threat to humans. When properly handled the meeting with a snake over to you a small fright. To protect yourself follow these rules:

Do not touch the untested items with your hands. To meet the threat of reptiles in the forest, Park, field, or haying, and even in your own backyard. Snakes are often found in overgrown lakes and ponds, mountains and deserts. They can hide in old stumps, haystacks, under rocks or trunks of fallen trees. That is why, to take any object off the ground is unsafe, better to use the stick.

Do not sit down, if not check out the site. The same applies to the choice of location for recreation. Before you sit on the grass, a stone or a log, try it with a stick. It will scare the snake. Usually they run away from people, hearing the steps, the sound or voice and immediately hide or crawl away away. However, in the heat of their behavior can change, but first they will not attack if you’re careful.
Snakes do not attack first. It is important to remember that snakes are aggressive only in case of danger. Viper active in the daytime: like other cold-blooded they like to bask in the sun. Almost all snake bites happen if they step on or sit down.
Pick the right clothes. Gear up for your hike in advance, given all the dangers of the wild. If you travel to areas where reptiles can live, wear clothes that will protect from bites. It should be long pants made of thick fabric, high boots. Pants need to fill in the shoes. It is better to sweat than to be attacked by a snake.


The Viper venom quickly affects the vital systems of the human body: there comes a weakness, the pressure is greatly reduced, headache, shortness of breath, dizziness, swelling and inflammation of the lymph nodes. The main thing is to get to the hospital. But first aid is very important.

keep calm and move less;
drink plenty of water;
the location of the bite, apply a sterile dressing with antiseptic;
remove the affected limb all the clothes, jewelry or shoes;
if possible, take 1-2 tablets Allergy meds;
during transport put the affected limb in elevation;
possible apply to the wound with ice wrapped in a cloth;
do not attempt to treat the wound further;

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