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UFO spotted on Mars mummy

Уфологи разглядели на Марсе мумиюThe much discussion.

The frame in which fixed object like a human was recorded using the robot’s space Agency Opportunity.

NASA experts are confident that their Rover could find and fix the picture “the mummy”, which is very similar to a human figure. As a reminder, a strange object was discovered on Mars.

Photo on Google Earth obtained with the help of a robot, you can actually see an object, which on closer examination resembles the likeness of a human silhouette. He has a rather massive body, two legs and arms, the length of which is about the same as humans. Also similar are the outlines of the head.

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Social media users expressed their views that led to the emergence of different versions. They believe that Mars lived once upon a time the creatures, which resembled in appearance the person. Some users claim that only a “living” statue. Some people suggested that a picture in a picture object, it may be the corpse of some unknown creature.

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Despite the huge amount of different opinions, Internet users agree that maybe Mars once had conditions that could exist in living organisms. On the other hand, this fact is even partially has not been confirmed by scientists.

Уфологи разглядели на Марсе мумию

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