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UEFA may exclude Ukrainian clubs from the European Cup

УЕФА может отлучить украинские клубы от еврокубковThe European football Union appeared serious cause for sanctions against the football Federation of Ukraine.

Problems from UFF can occur because of the actions of Karpaty club of the Premier League appealed to a civil court, trying to overturn the decision of the Chamber of disputes of the FFU on compensation to former football player Vladimir Gudym.

Karpaty ordered to pay Gudym 73 800 US dollars, and was fined 72 500 hryvnia for ignoring the club’s decision in the case of the debt to the player.

Frankivskiy court of the city fully satisfied the claim of “Carpathians”, of the club removing all financial sanctions. The payback for this solution for everyone
may be the loss of professional status, and the Ukrainian clubs under threat of exclusion from European competitions.

“Karpaty” opened the Pandora’s box. Tomorrow any decision of the FFU can be appealed in any district court of the Ukraine. UEFA is not close your eyes and begin to act so that other teams did not go through “the Carpathians”. A serious violation because, in fact, the state intervened in the football, contrary to all norms FIFA and UEFA.

In such situations UEFA would be not to deal with “the Carpathians”, and with the FFU. In Kiev received a signal from Switzerland, they say you can’t cope with the club rebel. And if the Federation cannot handle, you will receive sanctions from UEFA”, – quotes “Plussport” football lawyer Dmytro Korobko.

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