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TV: “Dimension 404” waiting for you (TRAILER)

Reboot the brain with a new series from the service Hulu called “Dimension 404” (404 Dimension). We have the trailer and description of the show and the first three episodes.

Do I need to clarify what you mean by “404”? Internet is the error number, which will give your browser if you try to go to a nonexistent website. That is the meaning of the name – “Dimension, which is not.” Or is there? As stated in the announcement:

In the dark depths of cyberspace there is another world. Lost dimension, building unprecedented miracles, and unprecedented horrors and stories like no other…

“Dimension 404” this series is an anthology in which each episode tells a different story. That is not the type of anthology “American horror story” and the anthology type of “Black mirror” or the good old “Tales from the crypt”.

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The premiere of the first episode will take place on 4 April 2017. It’s called “the Matchmaker” (Matchmaker) and talk about the state of the art app for singles on the Network, which used lone music blogger Adam. When the boy was hoping all his dreams come true, reveals a terrible truth, which called into question everything Adam knew about life and love.

The second series is called “Chronos” (Chronos). Hero it will be the student-physicist, nostalgic about the children’s cartoon from the 90’s to prove that she is sane, the girl goes through space and time where no one can remember her favorite show.

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The third episode is titled “Sidetracks” (Cinethrax), whatever that means. Story impression: a group of fans watching a private screening of a three-dimensional film in the mysterious new format, and one of them is a hero – says that this is a monster, a creature from another dimension, sucking the brains of the audience.

As evident from the description of the first series, “Dimension 404” is closer to “the Black mirror” than “Tales from the crypt”. Nevertheless, the attention the project deserves.

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