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Turkey has decided to discourage the tourists from the “all inclusive”system

В Турции решили отвадить туристов от системы «всё включено»Authorities want tourists to spend more.

The authorities of Antalya, Turkey intends using local hoteliers to force tourists to increase spending on recreation.

During a preseason meeting of representatives of the tourism industry with the Governor of Antalya, Munir Karaloglu was announced changes that are waiting for foreign guests in a popular tourist region of Turkey. In particular, the tourists are going to forced to out outside the hotels. According to the Governor, from hoteliers depends on how much will spend on the hotel stay. Now the owners of hotels need to refocus on “quality guests”, who are interested in not only a beach vacation, but also culture, gastronomy and other types of tourism. The resort needs to address the issue of excessive “roll” when the hotels in the season loaded and other tourist infrastructure – the streets and markets – idle. In General, tourists need to ward off from the clock “all-inclusive” and get to a beach holiday time for area hotels.

Another change will relate to the control of the local restaurants. The authorities intend to vigorously combat the increasing incidence of cheating tourists and inflated prices for services. M. Karaloglu promised heavy fines to establishments that raise the price for foreigners. Take this year for Antalya taxi drivers. All “seasonal” cab drivers are sent on a special training. The authorities also intend to clear the market of taxi drivers operating without a license and finding their foreign clients in social networks. In addition, Turkey has launched a new electronic monitoring system for tourist traffic. Drivers who are not connected to it, are threatened by hefty fines. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Another change awaits tourists at the airport of Antalya. His leadership has promised to speed up the process of passenger service. In particular, the average time for passport control at the airport will now take 8 seconds, and a pre-flight inspection – 6 seconds.

The authorities of Antalya have also forecast the number of tourists in 2019. It is expected that the number of tourists to the resort will grow by 20-25 per cent to over 16 million guests.

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