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Trump remained the main hope of Putin to the chaos, – Kasparov

Трамп остался главной надеждой Путина на хаос, - КаспаровWhy Trump and Putin is not “breaking up”.

To justify their futility, where Russia was on the verge of economic and political collapse, President Vladimir Putin has chosen the tactic of creating enemies.

About it the Russian oppositionist, the 13th world chess champion Garry Kasparov wrote in his article for The Washington Post. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

He notes that the stronger the enemies, the easier it is to interpret why Russia stepped on the path of war, which requires sacrifice and absolute devotion to her “great leader”.

However, Kasparov calls the “myth” the view that European and American sanctions play into the hands of Putin.

“Putin will not stop until stopped, and that will not happen until his gang would not assume that he is instead of benefit, has become an obstacle to preserve its wealth and power. The sanctions that have hit foreign investment pack is a great way to achieve this”, – the politician considers.

Kasparov also specifies that the President of the United States Donald trump remains the main hope of the Kremlin on causing chaos in Washington and the weakening of America abroad.

“Trump, as before, not able to criticize Putin, because pride does not allow him to admit that a hacker attack an enemy of a foreign state contributed to his winning the election. Perhaps the program trump and Putin are not the same, but at least one common goal they have: to concentrate in the hands of trump high power,” concluded Kasparov.

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