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Trump has agreed to make another attack on Russia

Трамп согласился сделать еще один удар по РоссииThe new sanctions will come into force very soon.

A White house spokesman expressed support of the bill on sanctions after making certain changes.

The US President Donald trump would support the bill on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia. On that Sunday said the press Secretary of the White house Sarah Sanders in the “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, reports ABC News.

“The administration supports the existing tough stance against Russia, in particular, the introduction of these sanctions,” said Sanders.

“The original text of the bill was poorly written, but we were able to work with the House of representatives and the Senate, and the administration is happy to be able to do it and make the changes that were needed, and we support the current bill,” added Sanders.

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At the same time, did not specify what changes to the bill were made by the administration trump.

15 June the US Senate approved new sanctions against Russia, linking them to sanctions against Iran in a single legislative act. The bill contains a provision stating that the President will not be able to cancel or reduce sanctions against Moscow and Tehran without the approval of Congress.

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This caused dissatisfaction from the White house and the unwillingness to support voted in the Senate document, and then began the discussion on the adjustment of the text of the bill. To the new sanctions came into force, they should support in the House of representatives, and the bill must be signed by the President of the United States.

As reported, congressmen from both parties agreed on the text of the bill on toughening sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea, the vote to be held on July 25.

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