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“Trolls” received provocations against opposition candidates in Mosgordumu hundreds of thousands

"Тролли" получали за провокации против оппозиционных кандидатов в Мосгоруму сотни тысяч

“Trolls” received provocations against opposition candidates in Mosgordumu hundreds of thousands of rubles, “New newspaper” requests to initiate proceedings


“Novaya Gazeta” asked the Investigative Committee to conduct a preliminary examination to initiate a criminal case under article 141 of the criminal code “Obstructing the exercise of electoral rights or work of election commissions” on the fact of provocations against independent candidates in Moscow and in particular against the headquarters of FBK lawyer, Lyubov Sobol during the summer campaign.

In order of publication were receipts of participants of the provocation to receive large sums as well as text documents that describe plans to counter the opposition candidates. They included the introduction of agents, physical and psychological impact on volunteers, stuffing the fake news and fake signatures.

“Exposing” materials about the opposition candidates are regularly published media from the media group “Patriot” Eugene Prigogine, known as a “Troll factory”. Thus, the Agency of the FAN showed a report of a rented apartment, which was allegedly equipped the headquarters for the stamping of signatures in support of Sable.

“Novaya Gazeta” received from an anonymous source photos taken in the apartment shortly before the visit prigoginei crew. One of them depicted a political strategist Igor Mangushev, does not hide its cooperation with the “Troll factory”. In the past he is known as an Orthodox activist, leader of the “League of safe Internet”, a fighter for the independence of Donbass and colleague PMCs E. N. About.T. Corp., which of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation recently recognized as criminal.

Mangushev admitted that his team was involved in the provocations from headquarters fake signatures, explaining his frankness that “in this battle toads a Viper” sympathy is not. Mangushev did not name the customer’s provocations, but said that if needed the support of the media, addressed to that customer, and then the “whistle” the staff came FAN. “Novaya Gazeta” published a hand-written receipt, which States that Mangushev received for “complex events “Love” of 300 thousand rubles.

Another 220 thousand rubles, according to another receipt, Mangusheva paid per share “House”. In late August, FAN said that the opposition to protest were shot in the country near Moscow Krasnaya Gorka for the paid activists “several dozen people” from Ivanovo and Kaluga regions. According to Mangusheva people for extras were recruited via the candidate to the Moscow city Duma Alexander Barefoot, which is not logged on.

The biggest reward, which became known to the newspaper, was a former coordinator of the headquarters of the Sable Presnensky district among Shepelenko, allegedly disillusioned with the opposition and to share the revelations with the same RIA FAN. According to the receipt he received for that 850 thousand rubles. And after the story about “dirty methods” of the election campaign Sable of Shepelenko claimed in the video that he acted selflessly, not “a small price”.

At the disposal of “Novaya Gazeta” there was also the receipt for 130 thousand rubles for the “operation “Govnomet” – fecal attack on collectors of signatures for Sable in the Presnensky district. In late June, police reported the arrest of hooligans, saying that they allegedly acted on a dare and was drunk. Journalists believe that the receipt of receipts of remuneration for the attack is about to resume the preliminary examination.

Proposals to massively attack the collectors of signatures and other provocative ideas contained in the text files obtained by the editors. The project of subversive activities against the opposition called “sable hunt”. He offers to put pressure on the relatives of the activists to follow them, to throw the door FBK, headquarters of Alexei Navalny, and Navalny Studio Live “silnopahnuschih liquid (with fecal matter)”, to provoke the detention of the volunteers, transfer money “from the foreign citizens” on the electoral account of the “object”.

In one of the files was proposed to systematically complain about the Love Sable and her husband, who allegedly did not rearing five daughters. The text of the complaint States that the Sable “leads an antisocial way of life, preferring the dubious company, at home not sleeping, baby not engaged, repeatedly detained by the police for violating public order,” and her husband “spends time with women of low social responsibility.”

Also provided for action in case would sign for the Sobol passed the test. This scenario involves the conduct of massive information attack to discredit the candidate; attracting anti-social personalities, arrogant and annoying canvassers to distribute flyers for Sable; bypass and apartments outgoing calls either early in the morning on weekends or late in the evening on weekdays, stuffing the fake news.

That actions against opposition candidates in Moscow are involved in Prigogine previously mentioned “Project”. According to investigators, the provocateurs do not coordinate with the Metropolitan municipality and has not received money from the budget: “Prigogine has just decided to do something nice for mayor”.

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