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Touched the microphone and got sick

The basketball player “Utah” Rudy Gobert at the press conference touched on every microphone, laughing at the panic because of the coronavirus. Of course, two days later he was diagnosed with coronavirus, while the NBA canceled the entire season.

Потрогал микрофон и заболелLast night a well-known company canceled my trip to Portugal. March 14, my mom was supposed to fly to GOA, but the Indians from March 13 announced that it closed the border. Flight was cancelled from the airline so far, no solutions have been reported, don’t know what to do.

The company “Essien” canceled flights to almost all major cities in the world, “EuroFaculty” selectively. For example, with Barcelona the message is still there, but from Valencia to April 30, no one will not fly. In the same list were Venice, Milan, Verona and other Italian cities, where currently the most infested than in Europe. The Prime Minister of Italy has announced new measures to combat coronavirus: in particular, continued trading activities, with the exception of shops with the Essentials and pharmacies. He also urged not to run immediately for the food and reminded that there is a home delivery. Now in Italy 12462 infected and 827 of the dead.

The American side also left, trump closed the passenger traffic the United States to Europe for 30 days. The only exception was the UK.

I swear, until yesterday I for coronavirus treated approximately as one basketball player, however, proride all night, I realized that something inside has changed.

This morning I read that Tom Hanks, along with his wife also grabbed coronavirus filming in Australia and don’t even know what to do. Coronavirus found another defender of the Italian “Juventus” Daniele Abuse, there are also all in a panic.

The virus also canceled: the game E3 2020, figure skating world championship in Canada, the celebration of St. Patrick’s Day in new York…

I think this week officially began: CANCEL and CLOSED.
Wake me up in September, okay? No strength to read it all and watch. We’re all gonna die!

In our country the situation is this:

13 March Russia restricts flights to France, Spain, Germany and Italy.
– From March 13 will cease to issue visas to Italians.
Events in the country is recommended in the format or without spectators.
– Federal agencies are encouraged to cancel all foreign trips in addition to emergency.

These things, friends. Do you like it leave? Cover or you are in the country usually go on holiday?

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