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Together closely: review of the film “Capsule” (2017)

In 2012, six people were trapped on a remote station-the capsule in the Arctic. The purpose of this experiment was a simulated flight to Mars. The group successfully coped with the task, but at the last moment the timing of voluntary imprisonment unexpectedly lasted – which led to a chain of conflicts, and then to deaths of members of the “crew”.

The creation of a “sealed” Thriller is one of the best options for a novice Director with a limited budget for the first test of their talents. This Director is Kelly Madison, for which “Capsule” was the first feature-length film. The main interest here is to observe how one after another each of the characters of the picture spilling out of the closets the skeletons, contributing to the associated higher stresses. The main thing – do not overdo it with the amount of twists and inveterate concentration of freaks per square meter, otherwise, what then will succeed realism? With this task “Capsule” to cope successfully outlining the individuality of the characters and adding to their deeds so much organic spontaneity, as necessary.

That is only after playing one card of a particularly violent member of the crew cards, “events” the writers no longer remains. Why the second half of the film mostly proceeds with the idea that it would be nice to add to the plot of any, say, an alien monster or an unknown virus. Yes, the problems of the characters and the already accumulated abound, but is the action still too sketchy and predictable. And countdown survivor is an uneven course. So, one of the characters dies quite stupid (from the banal to the lack of medical education among colleagues), and the death of another and does remains without a coherent explanation.

Of the actors with the big stretch is recognized only Jack Davenport (remember always trying to annoy Jack Sparrow Lieutenant Norrington from “Pirates of the Caribbean”?). He plays quite convincingly, although above the head and no jumping. The rest of his colleagues is also unlikely to soon shines “Oscar” for the best game, but in their characters they fall completely confident and open in necessary and sufficient degree.

“Capsule” – quite a good action story for one night, the creators of which is banal have fallen short of almost all elements and drama and intrigue and tension. From the point of view of artistic achievement the movie Kelly Madison also boasts absolutely nothing. However, to criticize the picture is also not particularly desirable, because the primary tasks it performs, and similar low-budget production does not have to reach for the title of “masterpiece of the psychological Thriller.” So if you liked “the Exam” and “Delimiter”, then this film will fit perfectly for viewing.

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