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To Moscow with a diagnosis of “exposure” brought the injured after the explosion at Archangel

В Москву с диагнозом «облучение» доставили пострадавших после взрыва под Архангельском

Baza in Moscow with a diagnosis of “exposure” brought the injured after the explosion at Archangel

In Moscow two planes of the aircraft was delivered six people injured in the explosion at a military facility in the area of the Dvina Bay of the White sea in Arkhangelsk region. As Baza said, drivers of ambulances dressed in hazmat suits and machine — wrapped in foil.

In the state of biophysical center named after Burnazyan victims were taken with diagnosis of “radiation exposure”. In addition, doctors diagnosed victims of severe trauma, says Baza.

Among the victims, according to Baza, is Igor Berezin, Sergey Plaksin Alexey Perepelkin Dmitry Abalin, Alexander Manushin, Sergey Grishin. The publication notes that the highest dose of radiation received Berezin, Plaksin and Perepelkin. According to several sources in Baza Minoborony RF, all the clothes of the wounded have already burned, did it immediately after hospitalization. Similarly arrived and with chemical protection suits and clothing of doctors who provided first aid to the injured.

Today it became known that in pharmacies Arkhangelsk has dramatically increased the demand for iodine-containing drugs. Today pharmacy kiosks in the city to find them is almost impossible, notes “Interfax”. “Yesterday bought everything. First, iodine tablets, codomain, then the usual iodine and potassium iodide. The hype started about 17 hours, and to the end all sorted out. The people in front of the cashier discussing the news about radiation in Severodvinsk, on the explosion of the military,” said the pharmacist pharmacy in the capital of Pomerania. In another pharmacy the Agency said that on Friday, the pharmacists did a rush order iodine-containing drugs.

Recall, according to the defense Ministry, on Thursday in the explosion of the jet propulsion system at a military firing range in the Arkhangelsk region, two people died, six were wounded. The Ministry said that emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere was not, the radiation background is normal. In the administration of Severodvinsk noted that on August 8, from 11:50 to 12:20 Moscow time was “an increase of background radiation of two microsieverts per hour, despite the fact that the established norms of emergency response — from 0.6 microsieverts.

Later, the Governor of Arkhangelsk region Igor Orlov said that the region has not recorded exceedances of the level of background radiation after the explosion at a military firing range.

In addition, it became known that the area of Dvina Bay of the White sea in the Arkhangelsk region, where the explosion occurred, is closed to free navigation of civil vessels till September. Deputy captain of the Arkhangelsk sea port Sergei Kozub said “Fontanka” that the water area was closed at the request of the Ministry of defence. “Heard about the explosion? I think this is connected,” said Kozub reporters. Military experts interviewed by “Fontanka”, suggest that the ship-carrier test missile with liquid engine could have sunk after the incident on the eve of the emergency.

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