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To launch privatization — and what?

Быть ли новой приватизации — и какой?

The privatization in Russia hard fate. In the 1990s, the government actively parted with the property in the interests of a specific group of people. In the 2000s, under the approval of the General public start to return. The first sign was the takeover of Yukos by Rosneft, and the active, this process began in 2008-09: the hot breath of the crisis has forced a “save” of the enterprise, taking them into state property.

In the end the government got a taste. The crisis is over, then started and finished another, and the nationalization continues.

Now, even according to official estimates the state’s share in the economy — 70%. It consists of controlling stakes in banks, commodity and transportation companies, plus a large group of industrial companies of a sign “Russian technologies”.

It’s time to give the accumulated. How did this “re-nationalization”, is well illustrated by the “Gazprom drilling”. The family of Rotenberg bought the company “Gazprom” in 2011 for 4.05 billion rubles, and now sells it back over 58 billion Similarly with “SGM” — bought in 2008 for 8.3 billion, return back over the 75 billion rubles. Inflation?! Let me remind you that the decisions about major purchases “Gazprom” made by the President or the government. “Its” assets are bought at exorbitant prices, the “others” selected free.

In the coming years, the state-owned stock companies, “RusHydro”, “Sovcomflot”, “Transneft”, “Rostelecom”, “rosseti” and “United grain company” the auction should go into private hands. Often privatization is a strange character. For example, hardly someone will be surprised, if “Transneft” will be bought the same semi-state “Rosneft”.

I’m afraid that the planned privatization plan is a pure simulation. The government is not planning to really break up with the day to day control over the economy, and therefore competition in the country does not appear, it does not appear and incentives for some development. National projects for major economic breakthrough, alas, is not intended.

Russia needs fair open to privatization, but the chances of it a little bit. A typical successful “private company” in our time — is some kind of “daughter” of “Rostec” type “RT-invest” with the blurred state share. She enjoys all the privileges of proximity to power and all the freedom to dispose of private property.

At the moment Russia’s economy is controlled by a narrow circle of known individuals. we Can shift pieces from one pocket to another, and then in the third, using a variety of beautiful term, the essence remains the same. Option real transition state 70% of the economy to a greater number of owners, soft deregulation of markets is not considered. And the other path to development we have.

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