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To drive a car from Abkhazia – is it beneficial?

Пригнать авто из Абхазии – насколько это выгодно?

In order to purchase cheaper foreign vehicles the Russians often sent to Abkhazia. To transfer the Abkhaz machines in the possession of Russians use several options:

  • buying a car citizen of Abkhazia (means Russians) and transfer it to the loan LLC or SP, where there is a citizen of the Russian Federation;

  • immediately the design of the transport property of a legal entity or entrepreneur from Abkhazia;

  • registration as a citizen of the Russian Federation in Abkhazia and the implementation of the purchase of the vehicle.

The scheme is not simple, involves intermediaries, but it gives a number of advantages:

  • the lack of an obligation on payment of transport tax (in Abkhazia it has not been introduced);

  • Russian recording camera they not fix that of course does not negate the administrative responsibility for the offense, because the relevant rights have been extended to also employees of traffic police;

  • the purchase of a foreign manufactured car high quality at a reasonable price (in Abkhazia customs duties is much less than in Russia);

  • the lack of the obligation to pay customs duties at entry and other fees and taxes.

As reported to avoid additional expenses on payment of the cathedrals possible by clearance of temporary importation of 90 days. It is intended for individuals for personal use and for representatives of legal entities in the implementation of international carriage (article 264 and article 275 of the Customs code of the EEC).

Thus, to control the vehicle with Abkhazian number plates in the territory of the Russian Federation, but only subject to certain registration procedures for their use. And it gives certain advantages. The downsides, however, are also missing. For example, traffic cops, these cars often stop. In this case, you must be in possession of a full package of documents.

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