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Throwing from side to side

Метания из стороны в сторону

About a month and a half ago (time in isolation goes by quickly) I said that quarantine measures should be administered either tougher, or does not enter at all.

Now, alas, the situation becomes really stupid. The epidemic continues (for non — believers, I have a list of a dozen acquaintances, ill people). On good it is necessary to keep the insulation another 2-3-4 weeks. Even tightening.

But people can not stand. And ahead of the may holidays. And try now to say “everyone stay home” — only to cause a reaction of protest. To appeal to the conscience and to frighten — also is useless, people cannot be in a state of stress indefinitely.

At the same time to remove everything and everyone out of isolation is to cause a new wave and overwhelm the healthcare system (Yes, to build a new hospital — alas, much easier to grow than new doctors).

As this situation out, and how it had to go — I don’t know. And I’m afraid nobody knows. To take responsibility for a decision no one dares so much about the may continue throwing from side to side. Every petty bureaucrat and every sleepy Deputy considers it his duty to offer something, usually in the direction of tightening…

And there is also the example of Sweden, which is nothing really, and not imposed. There is the example of Europe, where they begin to remove the restrictions to access shops and businesses.

And there is the example of Belarus, who generally chose not to notice coronavirus. Here generally it is interesting, as the country most close to us, the common roots, the health system was the same — only we have it optimized.

Joyless somehow. And the decision “on may” the authorities should take. Everyone is waiting for. Check grills, refresh in the memory recipes of kebabs. And wait.

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