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Three events that define the year 2018 in Ukraine

My WebpageВ the past year’s notable events was like a luxury car near the Verkhovna Rada.

But we’re interested in are those that define the coming year. These are only three of a Goldfish.

First: formed format of communication with the public authorities – “being Ivan the fool”.

That is, all the positive developments, the government clearly attributes to himself. All the negative she insolently calls a positive and also attributes to himself. For example, now abnormally warm, so there is energy savings, but the Cabinet says that these savings are the result of his hard work on energy saving. But if we see in the store starting in the stratosphere prices, the government famously explains that “in fact, prices are stable as ever. And in General we have the growth of the economy and unhappy can only be agents of Putin.” Want to see overpower yourself and listen to the Prime Minister.

Behave can either malicious idiots, or bastards, who believe submissive idiots of us all.

Second, fixed axis of confrontation in the society.

On the one hand, it is the President Poroshenko, his security forces, corrupt officials and lured the business is an active part of society that already believes that the harm caused by this power, is higher than the threat of instability, the escalation of the war and other horrors that scare recruited loyalists. This part of society does not believe that the government can influence through elections, and relies only protest, street activism.

Everything that happens in the country and the world these parties is perceived diametrically. And such a confrontation may not disappear by itself.

Third, have designated that the presidency of Donald trump is, to put it mildly, is nonlinear.

This is important because the Ukrainian government is so sick of Europe, its optional and just mendacity that the last pillar is left to the States. But not because Washington has not yet figured out Dad, because he’s a cog in a big scheme between the US and Russia. And here’s how the rest of the scheme plus the threat of indictment trump in collusion with Putin, a decisive impact on the domestic situation.

A year ago I wrote that I do not understand by what Peter can save his presidency in 2017. But he retained, though the power shakes and stormy more and more. And not because the President had his own game strongly and unmistakably — just the opposite. But the opponents of Poroshenko appeared to be too fragmented, uncreative and unorganized.

And most importantly: they still are unable to offer a convincing program that answers the question, who and what will happen after we sweep the current government? Burned on the outcome of Euromaidan, the society fears, not to become worse, and will only support openly convincing the team of the new government that has a real, not declarative plan of purification and transformation of the country.

If this command is submitted and accepted by society, just a few months a case of treason Yanukovych will have to unite with such against Poroshenko. Will not — prepare for the second term or the operation “successor” in genprokurorskih performance.

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