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Those fan posters “It” would have approved of Pennywise

When something is really popular, it’s immediately noticeable. This “something” speak from each iron, not only the creators, throwing in promotional materials in the information field. Discuss it, argue about it, that devote numerous creatives. With “It” Andres, Moschetti all the case. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Not only that, responsible for the PR picture of the people spend a great ad campaign – actively, with fiction and no overt overdose, as was the case with the latest “Other”. So also the fan community is willing to help. A lot of informal art, funniest videos, other notions like mediumcore Pennywise. But what to say, if the coming film devoted the entire art exhibition? And we have another couple weeks of waiting ahead.

Today is not without its own cool images on the theme of “It.” In the Network appeared a couple of fan-movie posters and they are really good. The first was created by the designer Jeremy Piller (Jeremy Pallier), which turned the image in the spirit of old school. Nice nostalgic horror, in memory at once up posters of old movies. And yet, this art is easy to imagine as a book illustration. The second poster is more creative and dark, as we are invited into the sewers, the lair Pennywise whose face recreate the scenery… it Turned out great, thanks for the work goes Oliver Barrett (Barrett Oliver).

Well, real, not drawn Pennywise will be our souls already on 7 September.

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