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These gadgets come in handy in each car. Photo

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. ФотоUseful avtogazeta needed for comfort.

Modern man tends to comfort always and everywhere. So why should you give up comfort during car trips? Moreover, today there are many different gadgets that will help to provide. About them will be discussed in this review.


Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

The producers of this set took care of those drivers who are having trouble starting the engine in cold season. The basis set is device Jump Starter capable of starting the engine in different situations (even if the battery is almost fully sat).

The kit also includes a number of wires with which the device can recharge a variety of devices (e.g., mobile phone, tablet, laptop, etc.)
In HIGI POWER can be found for $46.

2. Scanner for car diagnostic

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

Quite often, drivers get paid in the workshops a lot of money just to reset the errors. Scanner Ancel AD310 will help you to save significant amounts on these transactions. The device is Russified and has a simple menu. Online scanner Ancel AD310 you can buy for just $25.

Still would be cheaper to the user of the scanner connecting to the smartphone. It can be found online for $7.5.

3. Power Bank

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

External battery on suckers can be charged from solar energy. Thus, attaching it to the windshield of the car, can charge the mobile device.

The capacity of such batteries is small – 1600мА/hour, which by today’s standards a good indicator will not name. This external battery you can buy for as low as $16.50.

4. The Bluetooth receiver

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

Even if your car is not so modern and fancy to have a Bluetooth connection, you can build it yourself by buying the Bluetooth receiver. This device will be able to stream music from your smartphone to the audio system in your car. In addition, the kit includes a microphone that lets you use the device as a hands free and freely to talk on the phone while driving a car.

For such a useful gadget, the price may seem ridiculously small. It is only $3,70.

5. Magnetic Air Vent Holder

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

Magnetic holder for mobile phone is for many drivers a real boon. The device is attached to the vent blower, and on the phone with silicageles glued with a special plaque (it is absolutely not harmful for the device).

Online magnetic holder you can buy for $10.

6. Organiser for Luggage compartment

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

This arrangement is best suited to drivers who like to see things in the car were in their places. The organizer is mounted in the trunk (directly to the seat) and has many pockets of different sizes, which can accommodate absolutely any items.

For only $7 motorist gets comfortable and practical accessory, however, it should be noted that it is not suitable for owners of sedans.

7. 2-sided table on the wheel

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

the cost is $18
For those drivers that spend most of their time behind the wheel could love a special 2-sided table on the wheel. One side of the table you can use for snacking, and the second as a stand for laptop or tablet.

8. Electric kettle for car

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

Finally the drivers got a handy accessory – kettle, with a volume of 280ml that is connected directly (lighter socket). The device allows how to boil water and maintain its temperature at the proper level.

For $29, the user can choose silver, gold or black kettle for cars.

9. A device for monitoring tire pressure

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

The sensors are screwed directly to the nipple, and the information from them is transmitted (wirelessly) on a small device, which is located in the cigarette lighter socket. If the indicators in the tires (pressure or temperature) has exceeded the limits of the driver will be notified with a sound signal and will be able to take action. Such a useful instrument to monitor pressure and temperature of tires can be found online for $46.

If this price seems high, then there is a budget option (without a monitor), where sensors are placed on the nipple, depending on the condition of the tires just change color (green – OK, yellow – minor problems, red – definitely time to pump up tires). Here the price is ridiculous – $3,8.

10. Inflatable sofa rear seat

Эти гаджеты пригодятся в каждом автомобиле. Фото

This accessory will make a more comfortable rest or sleeping in the car. It has a comfortable shape, easy to inflate. The kit included the pump.

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