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“The worst book: the Best” out now!

In February 2017, it was announced that the best stories from the “the worst books” will be reissued under one cover.

And this cover was a miracle as well. And indeed before us is a special gift edition of the paper is denser whiter Yes, good binding, additional information about authors and finally the beautiful illustrations to each piece. I think that this anthology will be of interest to all readers who are already interested or even just beckons the new wave of Russian horror in literature.

“The worst book: the Best” will include stories from the volumes in the series for 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 with a large bias in texts from earlier collections, because to buy them now either difficult or simply impossible — sold out long ago.

In addition, this special book includes several previously unpublished stories from such authors as Maxim Kabir and Dmitry Tikhonov. In short, writers and checked by me, for example, very favorite.

In General the content of “SSK: the Best” looks like this:

Foreword (M. S. Parfenov)
Disappeared forever in the abyss under me… (Vladimir Kuznetsov)
Stay connected (Igor Chrome)
Night swimmer (Dmitry Viter)
Rides (Tatiana Volumes)
Frog – hungry belly (Elena Schetinina)
Butterflies in her eyes (Maxim.)
Work. It is possible to combine (Michael Pavlov)
America (Anatoly Umansky)
Timer (Matyuhin)
Bitch (Oleg Kozhin)
Farm (Maria Artemieva)
10 pounds (Igor Krementsov)
Dlaka (Nikolay Ivanov)
The forgotten bar (Podolsky)
Meal (Dmitri Tikhonov)
Summer has come (Yuriy pogulyay)
The Arctic story (Mike Helprin, Olga Reyn)
Blackouts (Alexey Provotorov)
Bunny (Dmitry Mardas)
Never [Vladislav Geneva]

In short, the composition is impressive and worthy, despite the fact that there is still my name somehow wormed…

At the end of may we had the opportunity to throw the first glance inside the book, and the impression was very positive.

Now, however, “the Most frightening book: the Best” can finally and feel. She began appearing in stores, online and in good old — bookshelf and all. On the website literary series already published information on where and how much you can buy this edition.

In short, here’s a gift for all English-speaking horror fans!

Oh, and speaking of reissues, please note — “13 witches” was published recently in paperback.

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