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“The worst book: the Best” – first look

In June (most likely) will go on sale in announced in the winter “anthology of anthologies” “the worst book: the Best” – reprinting the best stories from the previous four annual anthologies of the FCS with the addition of several new works from different authors. On the cover we have already admired, but more interesting still to look inside the book, especially because the publisher promised a new “gift” making and improved quality of the publication.

The quality of the paper and “gift” format, it will be possible to estimate when the book will be in our hands, but look at the design of the individual sections and pages is please, right now. In the greedy paws of the Zone Horror caught a few screenshots from the layout of the book. Yes, the layout is already ready, so the phase correction is over and soon “SSK: the Best” will be issued. The deadline for the completion of the circulation – June 21 (information is preliminary).

Anthology? No!
This anthology of anthologies. Reprinting the best stories from bestsellers collections “the worst book of 2014”, “The worst book 2015”, “The worst book 2016”, “the worst book 2017”, flavored with previously unpublished in this series of works. Not just the best horror stories in the Russian language, but is the best of the best. The kind of work undertaken over five years, a series of “SSK”. The authors and works that have ALREADY left an indelible mark in the history of the horror genre in Russia and abroad.
A real gift to all lovers of horror literature. The most terrible book!

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